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Average Penile Size Myths and Misconceptions | Penile Size Average

June 12th, 2014

Average Penile Size Myths and Misconceptions | Penile Size Average

Average Penile Size Misconceptions

penile size average imageDifferent ethnic backgrounds, different cultural beliefs, different life and sexual experiences, and many different penis sizes… long debated, widely researched and measured, and yet the average male penis size remains a matter of insecurity for men. 

Penile Size and Insecurity in Men

Many rather average or slightly below average sized men suffer from personal and sexual insecurity and low self esteem because of their believe that manhood is a matter of size, and are further convinced that men with bigger penises are the better lovers. But what is the truth? Are these all myths and misconceptions?

Dr. Elist Discusses Penile Size Misconceptions:

Watch Dr. Elist discuss the misconceptions of the penile size, resulting in feeling the need for a penile enhancement. Compared to those who would more likely need a penile enhancement.

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