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Obesity | A Higher Chance of Prostate Cancer

September 24th, 2014

Obesity | A Higher Chance of Prostate Cancer

Obesity | A Higher Chance of Prostate Cancer

Obesity is associated with a number of health issues. Epidemiological studies link obesity to prostate cancer – the second most common cancer, with 25,000 American men dying of this type of cancer. A new study establishes a link between obesity and prostate cancer, claiming that obese men are more likely to die from different kinds of cancer, which includes prostate cancer.  Not only this, excess weight makes treatment and recovery much more difficult for obese patients.

Effects of Obesity on the Prostate

Natural Remedies for Prostate Cancer ImageThe study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention journal stated that obese men were at an increased risk of prostate cancer. According to the study, the risk increased by almost 57 percent for obese men. Researchers believe that the fat surrounding the prostate of obese men with cancer provides a perfect environment conducive to the growth of the disease. Too much of fat around the prostate can raise the risk of other health diseases, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and cancer.
The study found that obese men reported different levels of gene activity in the fat around the prostate, irrespective of the type of prostate disease. There was an alteration in the activity of more genes between hyperplasia and prostate cancer, suggesting a rise in dysregulation during the progression of cancer.
In obese men with prostate cancer, the fat tissue surrounding the prostate decreased immuno surveillance, thus providing a perfect environment conducive to the growth of cancer.
The study reported:

  • A rise in prostate surgery complication.
  • Increase in prostate size and tumor volume.
  • A more likely increase in urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED) after surgery.

History of Study on Obesity & Prostate Cancer

PSA Test info GraphicsEarlier studies also confirm the obesity and prostate cancer connection. In 2003, a study conducted by the American Cancer Society stated that obese men are at a higher risk of dying from different kinds of cancer, including prostate cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent you from a number of diseases. Weight loss can help optimize the fighting power of the body.
Evidence suggests that obesity may lower the level of PSA in the blood in overweight men. As a result, cancer symptoms are masked when it is less aggressive. Studies provide evidence that obese and overweight men undergoing radical prostatectomy are at a higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
More research is under way to establish a deeper connection between obesity and prostate cancer.

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