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Is It My Penis Size?

October 28th, 2013

Is It My Penis Size?

Is It My Penis Size?

Sometimes I’m out to dinner with my girlfriend and we get to talking about the first time we met. She likes to reflect on that instant connection, that soul mate bond, ‘the moment’ as she refers to it, where our eyes met and she ‘just got this feeling’ like I was the one she was supposed to be with forever. This ‘it was just meant to be’ type of logic completely fuels her understanding of the origins of our love that fateful Spring night and, as a major beneficiary of her fairy tale perspective, see? she didn’t even mention my penis size! I’m glad to play along.

How Men Think?

My Penis Size However, for me, a man who prioritizes physical attraction pretty highly, the memory is actually a bit different. I distinctly remember seeing her and thinking two thoughts:
1.‘Damn, that girl is fine
2. ‘Whoa! She’s got a booty on her too
Read: the perfect juxtaposition of her view of the initial attraction.
Luckily, it always happens that somewhere between me running out of patience for the smile and nod technique necessary for embracing her version of our love story and the end of another nostalgic conversation concerning the roots of our attraction, she always comes a bit back down to earth and admits that there was one other intangible factor that played into her impassioned desire to be with me from the get-go. ‘I could see your penis through your pants and I wanted it.’ Yes! My penis size worked for me!
And that’s just the plain and simple truth.
Guys, it’s foolish to think that we are the only ones with sexually driven thoughts during the initial moments of attraction. Of course a girl is wondering, pontificating and actively guesstimating the size of your penis like she was thinking of my penis size. It’s the reason I wear skinny jeans. You know, to give a little taste of things to come. If you’re smart, then you know that she wants to know if you have the necessary tools to satisfy her sexually. It’s also naive to think that she doesn’t have the carnal instinct to project whether or not she wants to partake in a long-term investment in your penis just as much as she’s investing in ‘the feeling’ that she got when she first saw you. It doesn’t just happen one way or the other. There’s more to it and your penis size matters.
Of course, when we take those few minutes to broach this branch of the subject, I always give her ample time to pat my ego. It always makes my penis and I real proud of our accomplishments that night and just as a team in general. More importantly, however, it reminds me that letting my physical attraction for her drive my desire to be with her after that first night is not a journey I took alone. She might have actually felt all the squishy gooshy love right then and there like she said she did but I smile every time we talk about that night because I know that my partner in crime had something to say in the matter.
This fascinating letter has been sent to us by one of our happy patients! We enjoyed reading it and thought would be good to share it!

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