8 Menstrual Cycle Facts and Myths

Menstrual Facts and Myths
8 Menstrual Cycle Facts and Myths

Menstrual Cycle Facts and Myths

In American culture, many myths exist regarding a woman’s menstrual cycle. Often men are curious about a woman’s cycle, which is often referred to as a period, but wouldn’t dare bringing up this topic. Woman won’t inquire about myths either since they don’t want other women to think they are not “in the know.” Therefore, in spirit of education and curiosity, we will discuss the top eight menstrual cycle facts and myths!
Myth 1 
You can’t get pregnant if you have sex while on your period. 
Fact   Wrong.  Even though it is rare, it is possible–continue to use appropriate protection to avoid unplanned pregnancy.
Myth 2
Women should not swim while on their period for fear of infections or embarrassing moments. 
Fact   Wrong. Tampon products take care of embarrassing moments, there is no risk for infection and no reason to stay out of the water.
Myth 3
Disney has produced the cartoon about Menstrual Cycles.   
Fact   Right. In 1946, thanks to the company Kotex®, Disney produced the cartoon, “The Story of Menstruation” explaining menstrual cycles to girls–complete with traditional Disney music and tips.