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Marijuana Effects on Sexual Desire

November 21st, 2014

Marijuana Effects on Sexual Desire

Marijuana Effects on Sexual Desire

The use, availability and distribution of marijuana has always been a hot topic in society. With recent legalization in some states and jurisdictions, marijuana use is becoming more widespread. It has been well documented that marijuana contains within it several hundred chemicals. Of these, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is credited as the chemical responsible for the hallucinations experienced by the user. Producing a variety of effects, users report a range of feelings while under the influence of the drug, varying from happiness and calmness, to paranoia and irritation. This is in addition to the physiological changes such as increased heartbeat, increased blood pressure, eye redness, dry mouth, increased appetite and dizziness.

Amotivational Syndrome

Genetic Damage ImageHowever, there have been some studies which show that chronic marijuana use may have an effect on sexual desire. This is in addition to the other various physiological and behavioral effects marijuana has. Respondents to a recent study revealed that marijuana use prior to engaging in sexual intercourse intensified the sexual experience through increasing sensitivity and libido. Conversely, other respondents of the same study revealed that marijuana use prior to sex made them lose interest in sex, feel too lethargic for sex and/or feel too self-conscious to enjoy sex. This loss of interest is a common side effect of marijuana use and is known as “Amotivational syndrome.”

High-Risk Sexual Behavior

One possible explanation for the respondent’s report that marijuana increases sexual intensity is marijuana’s effect on distorting users’ sense of time. This may create an illusion of prolonged arousal and orgasm. Furthermore, there have been multiple studies suggesting that marijuana usage can lead to increased instances of high-risk sexual behavior; partly caused by marijuana’s ability to lower inhibitions, similar to alcohol. These high-risk behaviors can lead to increased chance of sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, one study revealed that the use of marijuana lead to a decreased instance in contraception use that could lead to an increased chance of unwanted pregnancy.

Medicinal Uses of Marijuana

Marijuana Smoking Before Pregnancy ImageThe medicinal uses of marijuana notwithstanding, it has long been thought of as an aphrodisiac. However, as with most aphrodisiacs, results may vary from user to user. Caution should always taken when using marijuana as to not operate heavy machinery or engaging in high-risk behaviors. For help with increasing sexual desire, there are other healthier and safer alternatives which can be discusses with your primary care doctor. If you or someone you know may be interested in increasing your libido or may be suffering from low libido, speak with your doctor today and mention if you use marijuana or any other illicit drugs or medications.

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