Marijuana Smoking Before Pregnancy

Marijuana Smoking Before Pregnancy Image
Marijuana Smoking Before Pregnancy

Marijuana Smoking Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing that marks the beginning of a remarkable period filled with emotions of happiness in addition to lots of responsibilities on the strong shoulders of parents. Every mother strives hard during pregnancy to ensure a healthy growing environment for the developing fetus. However often times, the intentional or unintentional exposure to drugs or careless decisions taken by some mothers can compromise the integrity or well-being of the unborn baby.
A lot of us are already aware of the hazardous effects of maternal alcohol consumption on the development of your fetus, but very few people consider marijuana as a dangerous drug prior to or during pregnancy.
Let’s discuss how marijuana may compromise the wellness and growth of your baby.

What is Marijuana and How Can it Affect Your Fetus?

Marijuana is a popular drug of abuse. According to a latest study, as much as 38% of the entire United States population have smoked marijuana at least once in their lifetime (1). Due to its side effects and adverse reactions on the biological functions of the body, marijuana is strictly contraindicated prior to or during conception.Effects of Binge Drinking Image
Here is how marijuana can affect the health of your unborn child:

  • Women who consume marijuana before becoming pregnant are more likely to consume this drug during pregnancy.
  • Research data indicates that marijuana smokers are more likely to consume alcohol, nicotine and other legal or illicit drugs (2)
  • Pregnant women who consume one or more drugs are usually malnourished and weak (thus more likely to pass on the nutritional deficiencies to the growing baby).
  • Exposure to active chemicals during developmental stages may impair the growth by interfering with the DNA components and protein building.

What are some common complications that are reported in mothers who consume marijuana before pregnancy?
A new study published in Pediatric Research journal (3) gives a detailed account of complications and adverse effects that are reported in 24,874 pregnant cannabis (marijuana) consumers. Report suggested that most frequently encountered complications are:
Bladder Health Quit Smoking

Higher Risk of Pre-Term Birth

Birth of a baby before the term (i.e. 37 weeks) is considered as pre-term. According to Medical daily report, the risk of giving birth to preterm babies increases up to 7-20 % in women who have used marijuana prior to conception. Scientist believe that marijuana releases toxic substances within the body may interfere with the normal functioning of different hormones/ neurotransmitters. Most notable effect produced by marijuana compound is increased tonicity of the uterine cavity (that induces contraction before the term)

Small for Gestational Age Babies

This is mainly because the active compound (tetrahydrocannabinol) has the tendency to cross utero-placental barrier to affect the growth and development of the fetus directly (2). Persistent or chronic exposure can lead to:

  • Restricted fetal growth
  • Impaired placental perfusion
  • Low birth weight babies
  • Altered length of the baby


Higher Risk of Premature Birth