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The Male Orgasm

February 7th, 2014

The Male Orgasm

The Male Orgasm

An orgasm is a feeling that usually follows sexual stimulation. The stimuli leading to orgasm may be of various natures (oral, vaginal, etc.), but regardless of the means, the ultimate goal is an incredible feeling of satisfaction accompanied by ejaculationMost men regularly experience male orgasm without giving it much additional thought. But have you ever thought about how a male orgasm really feels? How you would describe your orgasm?

Male Orgasm, Physical or Psychological?

Anejaculation or the Dry OrgasmThe fact is that a male orgasm is much shorter but more intense than a female orgasm, and is usually experienced only once during each sexual encounter, ending with ejaculation. The male orgasm is then followed by a refractory phase in which the body and mind recover and prepare for the next round. The refractory phase increases in time after each orgasm, as the body requires more time to continue.
Furthermore, the male orgasm unleashes a rush of drowsy hormones—norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide and the hormone prolactin—making it next to impossible for men to not feel tired after sex. The “sleepy time” sensation is part of the recovery process. 
The above descriptions are physiological facts that are well-established through years of research. However, the spiritual and psychological aspects of an orgasm may be a bit harder to explain.
Men Fake Orgasms, male orgasmIf asked, men are likely to describe the phase of sexual arousal as a period of separation between the body and the mind, in which the body performs while the mind wonders off into sexual desires and fantasies. The orgasm once again unites the body and mind, as we are brought back down to earth and to the moment. The last stage is a moment of clarity followed by physical and mental exhaustion.
Most men would agree that the entire process varies from situation to situation, and depends on the type of sexual activity, a partner’s performance, one’s state of mind at the time, and one’s overall physical well-being.

Despite the various variables, a satisfactory orgasm remains the ultimate goal of any sexual encounter. However, orgasmic disorders can serve as an impediment to a man’s mission in achieving that ultimate goal.
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