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Leafy Greens and Sex Drive

July 20th, 2018

Leafy Greens and Sex Drive

Leafy Greens and Sex Drive

Incorporating leafy greens in your diet supports your entire endocrine system. Leafy greens high nutrient and mineral count are advantageous to the libido and other sexual functions. With a health endocrine system, your body will have the tools to encourage sexual desire: supporting the libido, strengthening the kidneys and boosting metabolism.

Blood Flow

Many leafy greens are a powerful source of magnesium. Several studies conducted in Japan have found that the magnesium helps dilate the blood vessels, promoting blood flow to the genitals, thus creating better erections. Leafy greens are labeled as diuretics that encourage circulation.


If you are iron deficient (anemic) you are more likely to fall asleep in bed than have passionate intercourse. An iron deficiency can decrease your libido dramatically. Leafy greens provide the minerals and antioxidants that can help fight against libido-reducing contaminants in the body.


Folate is one of the most beneficial nutrient when it comes to reproductive health. Folate lowers homocysteine levels in the blood. Homocysteine is an amino acid that harms that lining of the arteries and influences plaque development. A high homocysteine count can increase your risk for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The more folate there is your system to combat homocysteine, the more advantageous your reproductive system will function.

Ideal Alkaline State

Bringing your body to the ideal alkaline state brings a state of balance to the immune system. When the body is in an alkaline balance, the immune system gets a boost and your thyroid glands function correctly. When all the body systems are functioning properly and in harmony, the libido can do its job and increase your sexual desire and overall sexual satisfaction. The diuretic quality of leafy greens help bring your body to the ultimate alkaline state.

Looking Further…

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