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Improper Use Of Condoms And Associated Difficulties

August 18th, 2017

Improper Use Of Condoms And Associated Difficulties

Improper Use Of Condoms And Associated Difficulties

Condoms are legit protectors against STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in both men and women. Practicing safe sex by using condoms can also prevent the risk of undesired pregnancies. On one hand, it is established that condoms are idea for maintaining sexual health, but on the other hand, majority of the couples choose not to use condoms. Why is that? If they are really that advantageous then why so many people expose themselves willingly to increased incidence of STIs?

Condoms And Low Compliance In Adult Users

According to a new study, one of the primary reasons why most adults are non-compliant towards the regular use of condoms, is because a lot of people believe that condoms preclude the ‘pleasure factor’ associated with sexual intercourse and makes it uncomfortable and unnatural. The top of the list are often men who blame condoms for the missing pleasure card. Other men complain of losing an erection while struggling with the condom. The issue was rather neglected for a long period of time until researchers started to focus on investigating the problems and discomfort associated with the use of condom.

Details Of The Study

A study was conducted on heterosexual 469 men with age ranging from 18 to 24 years (which also comprises of the age groups that is at highest risk of developing sexually transmitted infections). The participants were questioned regarding their experience with condom. About two-fifth of the study population reported mild to significant discomfort while using condoms whereas one-third men blamed condoms for lagged performance in bed and 30% men claimed to experience problems in the step regarding putting on of a condom while being deeply absorbed in making out.

A Basic Guide To Condoms Image

Talking factually, it won’t be wrong to speculate that the use of condom does hinder the sexual activity and may even produce a negative impact on the sexual performance of some men. The researchers questioned the participants of the study to describe their experience without the use of condoms and their answers revealed that they experienced mild symptoms of erectiledysfunction when going latex-free. The researchers came to this point that the 30% of the participants experienced difficulties while using condom because they are not completely aware of how to properly use a condom. Wearing the condom incorrectly may stir difficulties in some men.

How To Deal With This Problem?

The first thing to begin with, is learning how to use a condom properly. A survey conducted back in 2013 aimed to investigate whether the men still faced difficulties even after learning about the proper use of condoms. And the results showed that the couples who used condom correctly found the safe sex to be as natural as the condom-free sex. This shows that it is not the condom that raises alarming problems but the improper use.

Some people however feel uncomfortable even with the proper use of condom. In this regard, the best strategy to follow should be:

  • Pinpointing the cause: Often a previous bad experience with the condom use can create a mental disregard for its use. This should not be addressed with stress and worry. It’s alright to not get it right in the first go but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be another try.
  • Practice: As the cliché goes practice makes everything perfect. Practicing the use of condom while being stimulated can also help ease the discomfort and mental aversion based on past experiences.
  • The right one: Picking out the condom that fits the best is very important. Sexual partner can make this experience both fun and exciting.
  • Lubrication: Some men use lubricants to spice things up and take the game to the next level. However, addition of too much lube can make the condom slippery. Experimenting with different amounts can help set the right ratio required.


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