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Following Dr.’s Recommendations vs. Non-Compliance

July 25th, 2014

Following Dr.’s Recommendations vs. Non-Compliance

Following Dr.’s Recommendations vs. Non-Compliance

While following the doctor’s orders may seem like the obvious course of action after your doctor’s visit (Getting the most from doctor visits), in a recent poll only about half of all patients follow their doctor’s directions which includes medication prescriptions. The effects of this, also known as “non-compliance,” means that it may alter and prohibit a successful treatment, and in some cases can even prove to be deadly. Certain medications or treatments prescribed depend on strict directions and orders and if not followed may not be as effective. However, it is not just medications which patient’s may have difficulty following. Lifestyle modifications (Yoga Sexual Benefits For Your Life) and/or recommendations are also often overlooked by patients and can have equally as detrimental of an effect as not adhering to medication orders. Many surgical procedures (Procedures) have strict pre- as well as post-operative restrictions and orders which are necessary both for the safety of the patient as well as for achieving the best possible outcome. Such orders can anywhere from smoking cessation (which can compromise blood flow and healing), to activity restrictions like exercise limitations, or even certain food restrictions (Superfood Alternatives).

Non-compliance vs. Following Recommendations

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