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Fish Oil Benefits For Male Sexual Health

February 7th, 2017

Fish Oil Benefits For Male Sexual Health

Fish Oil Benefits For Male Sexual Health

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels, there is a huge list of dos and don’ts. You will also find a list of “healthy and unhealthy foods” that can help in improving your basal serum levels of sex hormone. Clinical research indicates that “good fats” plays an important role in increasing the natural testosterone levels by supplementing essential elements for hormone biosynthesis. It has also been observed that supplementation with dietary elements such as fish, fish oil, and nuts can directly boost testosterone levels.

Testosterone And PUFA – What Should You Know About It?

There is a great deal of controversy regarding the recommended daily intake of PUFA. Consumption of PUFA in moderate doses can benefit your sexual health, but excessive supplementation can cause more harm than any good. For example, according to a new study, high intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) can interfere with testosterone secretion as these types of fats are more susceptible to oxidation and lipid peroxidation reactions. Consequently, these biological activities can also cause free radical damage in your body. Thus, there is oxidative stress, low T levels and reduced thyroid activity. Therefore, one should consume more saturated and mono-saturated fats and less PUFA in order to maintain healthy testosterone balance.

Fish Oil And Health Benefits

From decades, we been hearing about the numerous health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids (that are naturally present in abundance in fish oil). Besides serving as an anti-inflammatory agent, omega- 3 – fatty acids also helps in lowering weight and improving cardiovascular functions. The extensive benefits of fish oil are so widespread that it has become the third most utilized health supplement in the United States. In fact, nearly 10% Americans religiously consume fish oil capsules for various health benefits.

But, despite all the hype, are fish oils really that beneficial? Or are we just a part of bandwagon!?Exercises For Men For Better Sexual Health image

Well, the answer is simple. During year 2005 to 2012, numerous studies were conducted to study the claimed health benefits of fish oils. Among 24 highly precise studies only 2 studies could justify the proposed health benefits of fish oils. While, the remaining 22 studies did not show any significant gain compared to the placebo.

However, this did not stop the sale of fish oil supplements. In fact, the sale of fish oil got doubled during this timeframe. It is because most people don’t discuss such “results” publicly and how many people read research studies!? Besides, with so much recognition and dependability, who would challenge the validity of fish oil supplements!?

Many studies proved that fish oils and its supplements are of no use! But, why doesn’t it works? Here are some facts that can give answers and explain how these supplements are harmful for us rather than beneficial.

  • Fish oils (DHA and EPA) are the utmost volatile and sensitive forms of PUFA which makes them intensely prone to lipid peroxidation; thereby increasing its oxidative damage and inflammation. Or in other words, reducing testosterone levels and thyroid activity.
  • Also, do not ignore the contamination of marine life with industrial waste and pollutants, including dioxin, DDT, PCB, etc. All these hazardous contaminations are found in most commercially available fish oil supplements as well!
  • The top three famous fish oil brands in US have 4000% greater oxidation and peroxide levels, as compared to fish oils of medical grade. It means, before the heat and oxygen in our body makes it rancid, they already are! Thus, instead of boosting T levels, these supplements degrade testosterone levels.

All the studies and facts are suggestive that these hyped fish oils are merely a waste of money and danger to health! If someone really wants to get the beneficial effects of “good fats” to promote sexual health, vitamin E and selenium supplements are far more superior sources. In fact a new study reported in the British Journal of Nutrition (2) also suggested that maternal consumption of fish oil supplements during pregnancy is associated with reduced height and early onset of hypertension in boys.


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