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Dr. Elist Reviews Circumcision

August 8th, 2014

Dr. Elist Reviews Circumcision

Dr. Elist Reviews Circumcision

As a part of this week’s review of the topic of circumcision, Dr. Elist reviews some of the key points mentioned. These include positive aspects & trends as well as sudden trouble and horror stories observed by Dr. Elist throughout his 30+ years of practice. There have been recent criticisms and complaints in the urological field in regards to the practice of circumcision, where the technicality of the medical field has come to a crossroad against religious practice. Speaking only on behalf of a medical standpoint, Dr. Elist reviews the benefits of male circumcision (Circumcision Effects on Male Sexual Satisfaction) in this weekly review.

Dr Elist Reviews Benefits of Circumcision

For males, the benefits of circumcision have been well studied and reviewed. It has been shown that male circumcision yields a decreased adult risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases (Circumcision Advantages | Disadvantages) such as Human Papiloma Virus (HPV in Men) (HPV) as well as HIV (HIV Prevention), and in children it has been shown to decrease the risk of urinary tract infections. In addition, it has been proposed that male circumcision leads to a decreased risk of penile cancer (Guidelines for Penile Cancer) as well as cervical cancer in females. This may be attributed to the decreased risk of HPV which is a known cause of cervical cancer in women.

Circumcision Trends

Dr. Elist Reviews Circumcision

Dr. Elist Reviews Circumcision

Despite the benefits which male circumcision provides, in the U.S., circumcision (Circumcision in the U.S.) has been in decline in recent years. Attributing factors may be due to changes in Medicaid coverage of routine circumcisions, as well as changing demographics, which due to many reasons (religious, personal, or financial), have shifted the incidence of male circumcisions. There have also been studies conducted suggesting that male circumcision is theoretically unnecessary from an anatomical (Anatomical Wiki Page) standpoint.

Female Circumcision

Female circumcision, although not practiced in the U.S., has become a very debated topic amongst religious and political leaders as well as physicians the world over. Commonly considered female genital mutilation, there are numerous reasons why female circumcision (Female Circumcision Learn More) is practiced. Reasons include religious beliefs, local customs/traditions as well as acts of warfare. Once thought of as a means to end female masturbation amongst the mentally ill, it was carried out by removing the female clitoris (Female Sexual Stimulants) or labia minora. From a medical standpoint, there no reasons which female circumcision has been shown to provide benefits and is largely considered a cruel and primitive procedure.

Dr Elist Reviews Circumcision Horror Stories

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Elist (About Dr. Elist) has seen many cases of sudden trouble associated with poorly conducted & botched circumcisions. Many of these horror stories have been due to circumcisions carried out by unqualified practitioners, with even some due to ill-effects of illegal penile enhancement (Penile Enhancement Surgeries (Penile Enlargement Implant) techniques. Recently, Dr. Elist reviewed the case of a patient, which had traveled to Mexico to have PMMA injections in his penis. The untrained individual who had carried out the procedure had done so improperly, causing the PMMA to accumulate in the foreskin of the patient in lumps. When the patient was reviewed by Dr. Elist, he had reported that the following morning he had sudden trouble urinating due to the swelling of the skin around his penis. Dr. Elist’s recommendation was for an immediate emergency circumcision to relieve the restriction thus effectively ending the patient’s horror story.

Seek Proper Consultation for Circumcision

Amongst the many discussions in the medical field in regards to male circumcision, the decision at hand lies with the patient. Whether due to religious, personal, or medical reasons, it is a topic that should be reviewed in details before making a decision. If you or someone you know is considering male circumcision, please consult your urologist or primary care physician before making a decision. If you have any questions or concerns, they may provide insight that can help you make an informed decision.

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