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Considerations Before Penile Surgery

May 9th, 2016

Considerations Before Penile Surgery

Considerations Before Penile Surgery

Penis in men serves several functions. It enables you to urinate, as well as perform other vital activities such as copulation (pleasing your partner in the bedroom) and impregnation (to extend your lineage). It is not wrong to say that a healthy penis symbolizes masculinity in men. Unfortunately, in some situations, a penile surgery is almost inevitable. But since penis surgery is a serious matter, it is highly recommended to weigh pros and cons before going under the knife.   

What Are Some Indications Of Penis Surgery?

Penile surgery is performed in a number of situations. Some most common ones are:

  • Peyronie’s disease: This condition is marked by abnormal curvature changes in the penile tissue as a result of fibrosis or thickening of the penile layers. In most cases, surgery is needed to restore the normal curvature by stitching the tissue on the opposite side or to remove the hardened plaques.
  • Penile Enlargement surgery: Some males with hypospadias or very small sized penis can also opt for cosmetic surgeries for penile enlargement. Phalloplastic surgeries can widen and/or enlarge the penile length for better sex and improved self-esteem.
  • Penile Malignancy: Malignancy of penis is usually managed by surgical excision of tumor (if tumor is small) or amputation of penis (if tumor is large and involve all layers of penis).
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Refractory erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other interventions can be managed by a variety of penile surgeries (such as penile implants, vascular repair or reconstruction surgeries, installation of penile pumps or metallic rods etc.).

Should You Opt For Penile Surgery?

Penile surgeries can be life-saving (for cancer management) or cosmetic; but in either case, there are some pros and cons associated with the procedure. It is strongly suggested to consult a couple of healthcare providers to ensure there are no other alternative treatment options available for your indications.

Are Men Satisfied With Penile Implants imageSome risks associated with procedure are:

  • The penile sinuses are surrounded by a rich network of nerves and blood vessels. This neurovascular bundle plays a pivotal role in the reception of sexual stimulation that results in penile erection. It is quite likely that an invasive procedure may damage the integrity of neurovascular bundle; thereby interfering with your capacity to enjoy quality sex with your partner.
  • The involvement of blood vessels and rich circulation of penis aggravates the risk of profound bleeding or serious infection after the procedure.
  • Dissatisfaction with the results and unrealistic expectations is another adverse effect of any penile surgery. For example, it is possible to not achieve the desired results after the procedure due to unrealistic expectations or a procedure related defect. In other words, it is likely that even after the penile surgery, the quality of your sex life does not improve or may even get worse due to procedure related complications. This is mainly because, it is often difficult to exactly predict the outcome of surgery.

Are There Alternative Solutions?

If you are uncertain about the surgery, it is always a good idea to look for alternative solutions. For example, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, learn more about the reliable pharmacological (pills) and conservative treatment solutions (such as penile injections or vacuum devices) to address your complaints. Other important considerations in this regard are:

  • Make sure your ED is not due to a medical or metabolic issue (such as cardiovascular lesion, uncontrolled diabetes, some drugs etc.
  • If there is a psychological or social component involved (such as disgust/ hatred for the partner or for the act of intercourse), in which case you would be a good candidate for counselling or psychotherapy.

If you think your penis size is unsatisfactory, it is highly recommended to do some research as most men miscalculate (or misjudge) the average penis size. It is also imperative to understand that quality sex is not dependent on the size of penis.

What To Do If You Think Surgery Is The Most Appropriate Solution To Address Your Complaints?

In all such cases, consult a qualified urologist who specializes in your desired arena. Discuss your expectations, requirements and queries with the doctor and take your time to take final decision about the procedure. Make sure to ask for helpful resources (such as books, information handouts and online portals) where you can learn more about the procedure and what to expect after the surgery.


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