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Are Men Satisfied With Penile Implants?

April 27th, 2016

Are Men Satisfied With Penile Implants?

Are Men Satisfied With Penile Implants?

Statistics suggests that despite high prevalence of erectile dysfunction in young men, no one really want to talk about it in the open. Are you aware that one of every two males over the age of 40 years experiences some degree of erectile dysfunction? Yet unfortunately, most men never gather the courage to seek proper interventions.

Viagra and other phosphodiesterase inhibitors is usually the first choice for most men with erectile dysfunction; yet all men are not ideal candidates for prescription pills or other ED solutions due to an existing medical condition, some drug regimens or other related indications. In all such cases, a well-fitting, surgically installed penile implant can serve as the best choice.

There are two primary types of penile implants;

  • Inflatable or hydraulic implants: These implants usually have a 3-piece, 2-piece or 1-piece construction, paired to a hydraulic pump. Inflatable implants are an excellent solution for males with refractory ED that is unresponsive to traditional medications or devices. The patient is required to manually inflate the pump before the act of intercourse
  • Semi-rigid (malleable or non-hydraulic) implants: These implants are non-inflatable and are generally considered inferior to inflatable implants. Certain factors can make you a less preferred candidate for this variety; such as history of spinal cord injury, irradiation to penile/ inguinal region and poorly controlled diabetes.

What Are Some Reasons To Consider Penile Implants?

Besides natural feel and look, there are a number of functional reasons why people choose penile implants; these include:

  • High patient satisfaction rate: According to a new study, patient satisfaction scores for most temporary choices are fairly low; for example, patient satisfaction scores for injection therapy and oral phosphodiesterase inhibiting drugs is 40.9% and 51.6% respectively; as opposed to 93.% in candidates who opted for penile implants.
  • A reliable and promising solution for ED: A well-fitting implant does not become prominent when the penis is flaccid. In other words, your partner or anyone else wouldn’t even notice that you have an implant for ED management.
  • Insurance Coverage: Most insurance companies recognize penile implants as a recommendePenis Size And Female Sexual Satisfaction imaged solution for ED management and even cover the cost of procedure.
  • Minimal down time: Although, the duration of post-surgical recovery may vary from person to person, generally most people are ready to enjoy sex within 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.
  • Best solution for certain indications: Besides ED, there are a number of clinical indications for which penile implants are used. For example, curvature changes or fibrosis of penis (Peyronie’s disease), penile shortening etc.

According to a new study reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2), investigators analyzed the results obtained after interviewing 47 men who underwent penile implant surgery for the management of severe erectile dysfunction. It was concluded that more than 79% patients were fairly or very satisfied with the results of implant surgery. Only one patient reported dissatisfaction with the results due to unrealistic expectations.

Experts analyzed that high satisfaction scores were mainly due to enhanced male identity, image of self and improved self-esteem. Some patients also reported other benefits besides remarkable improvement in libido, sexual desires and urinary functions.

How To Improve The Satisfaction Score Among Patients?

Here are simple tips to further improve the quality of results among men opting for penile implant surgery.

  • Pre-procedure education and counseling: Going under the knife for a penile implant surgery is a major and life changing decision. It is highly recommended to speak to your primary care provider regarding all the essentials of the surgery; such as indications, contraindications, post-procedure expectations, possible complications or adverse effects of surgery etc. Make an informed choice and decision in order to minimize the risk of disappointment.
  • Setting up realistic expectations: It is very important to discuss your core concerns; for example, if penile size/ length is an issue or matter of concern, share with your primary care provider. This is mainly because, installation of inflatable implant may lead to shrinkage or shortening of penile size due to fibrous tissue formation and post-surgical scarring. Although with certain innovative techniques and procedures developed by Dr. Elist, you may regain your lost length and may in fact achieve more length and girth.
  • Learning more about postop care: Like any surgery, penile implant surgery is also associated with certain complications such as infection, sizing problems, component failure, erosion of device into the surrounding tissues, migration or dislocation of device, and auto-inflation that may require revision surgery. But if performed in expert hands, the risk of such complications is negligible.

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