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Common Bacteria Found in Gyms to Avoid

August 1st, 2018

Common Bacteria Found in Gyms to Avoid

Common Bacteria Found in Gyms to Avoid

The communal and sharing quality of a gym makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses. When dozens of people per day not only sweat, but share the same equipment, there is a high chance you will be sharing germs. In some cases, 25 different types of bacteria can be found in a gym. These live in all areas, including the locker room.
Knowing what to look out for at the gym can help you avoid any bacteria, viruses, or fungi that may lead to more serious ailments such as rashes and respiratory infections. Here are the most common bacteria found in gyms:


The most common bacteria found throughout gyms everywhere is staphylococcus. What’s unique about staphylococcus is that it can be the most dangerous, but also the most trivial. Those who carry staph bacteria (1/3 of people) are asymptomatic/don’t cause an infection. A staph infection occurs when an opening or cut on your skin and bacteria enters. However, some strains of staph can be more detrimental and cause serious symptoms.
Staph is passed along from person to person contact, not surface to person. This means you are unlikely to get staph by individual workouts on machines. However, be wary if you are participating in contact sports or group workout classes.

Athlete’s Foot

The fungi that manifests in popular infections such as athlete’s foot and jock itch thrive in warm, moist, and dark environments. Thus, the gym locker room and sweaty sneakers are ideal environments for fungi. Fungi not only lives in the feet or groin area, but armpits and breast area as well. Allowing your sweaty gym clothes and your body to dry properly is paramount to prohibiting fungal infection. In addition, spend little time walking around the locker room barefoot.

Respiratory Infections

If you are in a enclosed space with little outside air ventilation there is a high chance of respiratory infections spreading. Cold and flu viruses are spread through droplets from one’s cough or sneezes. Using equipment that isn’t properly cleaned after virus contamination can make you vulnerable to getting it. Washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and appropriately cleaning your equipment after use will help prevent these viruses from being rapidly spread.

Taking Care

Taking care of your body not only keeps you healthy, but can also help expand your sexual stamina bandwidth. It is important to be in shape to create and maintain a healthy libido. Going to the gym is vital for our health, our relationships, and our self-esteem. If you are concerned with your sexual performance and interested in personal growth and the gym is simply not cutting it, think about visiting a medical professional. Dr. Elist can help you cultivate the tools you might need to get your sexual health back on track.

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