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How To Stop Sweaty and Smelly Groin

January 31st, 2018

How To Stop Sweaty and Smelly Groin

How To Stop Sweaty and Smelly Groin

Most men know that their groin area and testicles can carry a strong, pungent odor, particularly after exercise or in the hot summer months. Folds in your skin are the cause of testicular odor, according to Dr. Janellen Smith, a professor of dermatology at the University of California, Irvine. When the folds of your skin rub against each other, dead skin cells fall off, leading to odor-causing bacteria and yeast. Bacteria feed on a sugar contained in the sweat and in the process of feeding, a very offensive odor is released in form of a gas. How can you stop a sweaty and smelly groin area?

  • Men should keep their pubic hair trimmed. Hair can trap sweat and bacteria.
  • Keep the pubic skin dry and cool.
  • Frequently wash and dry your penis and groin area with soapy water on regular basis.
  • Clean all the creases and folds with gentle scrubbing.
  • Men who are not circumcised should also take care of the area beneath the foreskin. Use of anti-bacterial soap is usually a great help.
  • Wear cotton clothes and undies to reduce smell. Cotton removes moisture. Opt for boxers over briefs.
  • Use deodorants on the inner side of scrotum to reduce the smell as much as possible, especially in summertime.
  • A teaspoon of white vinegar applied to the skin with a small towel will kill off any bacteria.

If you are experiencing jock itch, an over-the-counter anti-fungal solution should clear the rash in a few days. A doctor should examine any rash or severe odor that persists. Also, If you or your partner are interested in Penis Enlargement surgery, contact Dr. Elist for help.

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