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Benefits of Celibacy for Men

January 3rd, 2018

Benefits of Celibacy for Men

Benefits of Celibacy for Men

Aside from avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, many men practice celibacy for other reasons. Sexual celibacy refers to restriction or avoidance of all kinds of sex. This includes vaginal, anal, and oral while others believe that celibacy refers to restriction of vaginal sex only. Kissing, cuddling and other intimacy acts are also considered a part of sexual abstinence for some people. Regardless of the reasons, here are some benefits of celibacy for men.
There are many reasons that men practice celibacy:

  • To maintain all their concentration on work
  • To practice religious values and principles
  • Wait for the right person as their sexual partner
  • Grief of losing a partner
  • Waiting to regain health after illness

Men who practice celibacy – even for a short time – often see increased testosterone levels and feel more intimate with their partner if they have one. It can give relationships time to blossom as friendships, before complicating them with sex. This can allow for a deeper connection with your partner. Many people find that getting to know someone is easier without the added pressure and messiness of sexual intercourse.

Benefits of Celibacy

Many men find more clarity and self-control when practicing celibacy. Extreme desire for sex can be a downside of sexual celibacy. Self-restriction for longer time period can heighten the “cravings” which may lead to sudden and unsafe sex! If someone wants to resume their sexual activities, they must be very careful and should consider other birth controlling methods.
If you wish to practice celibacy but feel sexually frustrated or like you are ‘missing’ out – many men find masturbating can help alleviate some of these feelings. There is no right or wrong way to practice celibacy just as there is no right or wrong way to engage in sexual encounters as long as they are safe and consensual.

Take Away Note

Similarly, if you are practicing celibacy because of an erectile dysfunction disorder or other health issues, you should see a doctor.

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