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6 Manifestations Of High Testosterone Levels

March 27th, 2017

6 Manifestations Of High Testosterone Levels

6 Manifestations Of High Testosterone Levels

Is there a way to tell if a man has high serum levels of testosterone? We are aware of signs and symptoms of hypogonadism or low serum levels of testosterone, but are there any definite signs and symptoms of high testosterone levels as well? These questions bother a lot of men but most men feel reluctant to ask their healthcare professional directly.

So, the answer is simple. Elevated levels of testosterone make masculinity more distinguishable than normal. Following are the signs that may be physically observed when serum testosterone levels increase:

Growth Of Body And Facial Hair

Men have beards because of testosterone. 5α-reductase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into a more effective androgen called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). With a substantial increase in the serum testosterone, the DHT levels also increase, hence men develop (or manifests) strong masculine features such as growth of body and facial hair. However in some men, the DHT levels are significantly low even when the testosterone levels are high, this is because of insufficient conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Sharp And Strong Jaw Line

Testosterone and DHT are also responsible for sharply defined jaw line. It is a worldwide accepted fact that good looking men are often blessed with an angular jaw line and females can’t seem to resist this masculine trait. Men usually go for hormone injections or synthetic testosterone to increase their jaw lines by inches.

Deep Voice And Enlarged Adam’s AppleTestosterone Levels and Baldness In Men image

If testosterone levels are considerably high at the time of puberty then the Adam’s apple, cartilage, larynx and sound producing muscles increases in size as well. So men with high testosterone levels often have a deep masculine voice and a prominent Adam’s apple. Men can have a protruding Adam’s apple and deep voice even after puberty, provided that their testosterone levels are high.

Wide Shoulders

Testosterone not only affect the jaw bone but can also impose positive effects on different parts of the male body just like it has on the shoulder griddle. Testosterone widens the shoulders by binding to abundant androgen receptors present within the bones and muscles of the shoulders. Binding to receptors in the muscles results in the initiation of protein synthesis whereas binding to receptors in the bones results in stronger, denser and wider bones.

Male Pattern Baldness

In some men, high testosterone levels may cause baldness. Hair loss due to high levels of T has been associated with DHT as it binds to hair follicles on the scalp. But if someone has a genetic pattern of baldness then hair loss is inevitable even with the low levels of DHT and testosterone. The best way to prevent hair loss is to use anti-hairfall drugs such as finasteride. Caution: Finasteride works by blocking the androgenic receptors i.e. it will block the activity of testosterone and will prevent it from converting into DHT leading to low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.

Length Of Ring Finger

Studies have showed that if the ring finger is longer than the pointer finger then it suggests significant exposure to high doses of testosterone during the development within the womb. Things go vice versa if the index finger is longer than the ring finger.

It is imperative to mention that these signs and symptoms are presumptive manifestations of normal or high testosterone levels. The best way to confirm your testosterone levels is to evaluate your serum levels via laboratory test.


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