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Benefits of Love and Sex

December 4th, 2015

Benefits of Love and Sex

Benefits of Love and Sex

Are you aware that optimal health is not attributed to good food and exercise alone? According to a new research, love relationships, romance and sex plays an equally vital role in the maintenance of health and wellness by lowering blood pressure and improving overall physical, mental and emotional health.

Effects of Sex on cardiac health

Having fun and being healthy simultaneously is now possible at the same time. Physical intercourse is an excellent exercise for the regulation of cardiac health. For example, during intercourse, the pumping activity of the heart increases; reaching its peak during orgasms. The stimulation of cardiac activity also increases the energy generation and degradation to support increased muscular activity. Healthcare providers recommend aerobic activities to maintain physical and cardiac health. A streaming session of physical intercourse is indeed an excellent form of aerobic exercise. Additionally, research also indicates that an average session of sexual intercourse can help you lose up to 150 to 200 calories.

If you are suffering from a cardiac illness, do not let it restrict your sex life. Speak to your doctor regarding most suitable positions for sexual intercourse to minimize increase workload on the cardiac function during sexual exertion.

Say goodbye to tension and hug more frequently

Hugging and embracing your loved-ones frequently can actually result in controlling your hypertension. Research shows that holding hands of your loved ones for 10 minutes followed by hugging for up to 20 seconds yield healthy effects on your stress. Huggers noticeably have lesser risk of developing cardiovascular ailments and other mental health issues. The positive effects are said to be mediated by the release of endorphins and enkephalins.

According to a new study reported in peer reviewed journal Psychosomatic Medicine (2), investigators analyzed the change in somatic symptoms in response to sexual intimacy in 164 participants (or 82 couples). The findings suggested that:

  • Sexual intimacy has dual relationship with physical health and somatic symptoms.
  • Improvement in the quality of sexual relationships can impact the mental and physical health in a positive manner.

Sex and Mental Health

A study conducted on 46 volunteers showed that sexual intercourse can help in reducing emotional stress and anxiety. So whether it is due to long journey or extra workload, have sex and it’s gone! The sex doesn’t have to be penetrative to achieve relaxation. Data indicates that frequent orgasms and non-penetrative sex can also make you feel comfortable and stress-free.

Sex and Immunological healthHighway of Love

The strength of your immune system depends largely on the frequency of sexual intercourse. As strange as it may sound, the latest research reported in Psychological Reports (3) reveal that people who engage in regular sex (at least once a week) are at less risk of developing chronic illnesses. Regular sex also improves immunity and physical health. Data indicates that people who engage in sex once a week have 30% higher IgA than those who perform less frequent sexual intercourse. According to another study reported by the team of Pennsylvania immunologists, increased frequency of sexual intercourse can reduce the risk of developing allergies, cold and other infections by boosting inherent immune responses (4).

More sex makes you feel healthier

Periodic and frequent sex makes you feel healthier and increase your sense of wellbeing. The effects are more pronounced in individuals of advancing age group. Sex isn’t the lone rider; for best results, it should be coupled with strong emotions of love and admiration. Improvement in social and emotional support improves the overall feeling of being happy and satisfied.

Reduced risk of diseases

Risk of having diseases like ulcer and angina can be reduced with active sex life, especially in male. According to a new study, the risk of developing duodenal ulcer is very strongly linked to:

  • Positive family history of ulcer
  • Living in a long love-less relationship with no companionship
  • Poor dietary choices and stressful lifestyle
  • Inability to express anger, agitation and stress

Single? No worries

Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, consider spending quality time with your friends. A study conducted on people over 70 years showed that individuals who have strong friendships tend to live longer than those with no friends or social life. Friends have a solid impact on your lifestyle and emotional wellbeing.

Love and sex are very much related to optimal mental and physical wellbeing. However, several other factors also play a vital role. Such as:

  • Intake of high quality nutrients
  • Seeing a healthcare professional at regular intervals of time for periodic screening of metabolic, medical and sexually transmitted diseases


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