Asphyxia Break Down and Common Causes

Asphyxia Break Down and Common Causes


In light of the recent tragic passing of beloved actor Robin Williams (Robin Williams Wiki Page), the topic of asphyxiation has once again been brought into light. Claiming the lives of thousands of people every year, in today’s topic review Dr. Elist (About Dr. Elist) reviews what asphyxiation is, what are the causes and how can it be prevented.

Asphyxia Break Down

Asphyxia or Asphyxiation, in general terms, is deprivation of the body from vital Oxygen. Oxygen is a necessary for your body to function and deprivation of it for just a few seconds can lead to loss of consciousness, coma and even death. The means by which asphyxiation can occur are numerous and can be intentional or unintentional. Whether a blockage of the airway or an inability for the lungs to exchange oxygen, when oxygen becomes unavailable to your bodies tissues and organs, serious consequences can result.

Common Causes of Asphyxia