Penile Enlargement Filler Facts & Collagen Injection Side Effects

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Penile Enlargement Filler Facts

It is our professional opinion that all materials used as penile enlargement fillers or fillers for penis enhancement are NOT effective and can cause permanent deformities to the penis shape and size. These fillers include collagen injections for penis enlargement, silicone gel injections, fat, dermal graft, PMMA, and other fillers.

Penile enlargement fillers and procedures associated with them are typically NOT permanent and can cause severe deformities. The filler materials are not approved for injection in the penis, and are mostly re-absorbed in by the body, leaving nodules and other deformities.

These procedures do NOT impact penile length nor do they impact erect length or girth. Any increases in flaccid girth are temporary and often lead to deformities in the penis. Below, we have included photos of patients that we have seen over the years that demonstrate these very deformities discussed here.

Penile Enlargement Filler FAQ

  • I’d only have to get fillers for penis enlargement once, right?

No – unfortunately, fillers re-absorb, so patients are required to continue getting injections throughout their lives. Therefore, the lifetime cost of fillers can be astronomical.

  • I like that the penile enlargement procedures using fillers are minimally invasive. Isn’t that an advantage?

No. The use of needles to inject these materials carries grave risks. Inadvertent perforation or puncturing of the core of the penis can cause severe hemorrhage, bleeding, and possible damage to the core of the penis.

  • But aren’t these materials (PMMA, Fat or collagen for penis enlargement) approved?

They are not approved for use in penile enlargement or penis enhancement (they MAY be approved for use in other parts of the body).

  • Isn’t this a permanent procedure?

Most of the material is re-absorbed by the body, mostly leaving permanent nodules and damage to the penile skin.

  • At the end of the day, I can just get the fillers removed if I don’t like them, right?

Unfortunately, wrong. Fillers can cause permanent damage to the penile skin. We have seen many patients who have requested filler removal, and often times, there is little we can do to help reverse the damage caused by the fillers.

Penile Enlargement Filler Side Effects

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