“Myths & Facts About Penile Enlargement” page is prepared to serve all men with detailed information about penile enhancement procedures, benefits, and associated risks and complications. The intention is to provide objective and well-researched facts about methods for penis enhancement. The origins phalloplasty goes to the noun “phallus” which dates back to 1613 and refers to the male penis.
There is much debate about what average penis size might be and whether size matters. Much can be said and argued about when it comes to the genital size, but in the end, all that counts is a man’s perception of his size; some may feel very self-confident and some may lack any confidence when it comes to the genital size.
Throughout this debate about size, we have observed lots of misconceptions and misinformation about the means and methods to increase the penis size, as well as their outcomes.


Misconceptions about average penis size have been discussed broadly on our website. Conditions, such as “small penis syndrome” or “micropenis”, are also well known and researched subject areas. A lack of confidence in men due to a perceived dissatisfactory genital size can lead to other severe social disorders, including depression.

Regardless of the reason why you are inquiring about penile enhancement, you are entitled to information about your options, their outcomes, and associated risks and complication.

NOTE: All provided information is solely based on Dr. Elist’s over 40 years of experience in urology, urological surgery, and male enhancement surgery. The information here within is not intended to promote Dr. Elist’s procedures or to criticize other procedures that Dr. Elist does not perform.

“Phalloplasty Facts” does not provide any medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation; a personal consultation is mandatory in order to discuss current needs, treatment options, potential complications and risks and further care. The content provided in “Phalloplasty Facts” is public property; its distribution and use are a personal responsibility of the distributing party.


Penuma ImplantsAlloDermDermal GraftFat InjectionDermal Injectables
US PatentedYesNo*NoNoNo*
Penile RetractionNoYesYesYesYes
Surgery Time45-60 Min1 hour1.5 hour1 hour1 hour
PainMild to ModerateModerateModerate to SevereModerateMild
Penile Disfigurement & DeformityNoYesYesYesYes
Fat harvesting or Dermal Graft RemovalNoNoYesYesNo
Achieve Length and Girth with one procedureYesNoNoNoNo
Return to work2 to 3 days5 to 7 days5 to 7 days5 to 7 daysNext day
Penile Vacuum and Weight/Traction RequiredNoYesYesYesYes