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Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is the medical name for when an area of the penis becomes hardened due to plaque. This condition can lead to various problems, including:

  • Bent penis
  • Painful intercourse
  • Distorted penis shape
  • Shortened penis
  • Erectile problems due to reduction in blood flow

How is Peyronie’s Disease Treated?

If the condition is addressed in its early stages, it may be possible to avoid the need for surgical intervention. The use of vitamin therapy (vitamin E), a B-complex supplement, and medications containing enzymes that break down connective tissue or steroids can be injected to break up the plaque causing the penile distortion.

Will I Need Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease?

Dr. Elist must evaluate your current condition to determine the most effective treatment – for you. For some men, surgery is necessary to remove the plaque so the penis can return to a normal shape, or close to normal. If you are struggling with Peyronie’s, early treatment is critical, as if left to progress, the plaque buildup can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction, as the blood flow to the erectile tissue is inhibited.

What Does Surgery for Peyronie’s Entail?

The surgical procedure is customized for the individual patient, but the basic approach is to remove the hardened tissue that is causing the curvature, whether up, down, or to the side. Every male patient has a unique situation, and the treatment may involve a combination of treatments, including:

  • Surgical removal of hardened tissue within the penis structure.
  • Skin grafts to restore normal appearance.
  • Removal of tissue opposite plaque deposits (Nesbit procedure)
  • Penile implant

Why Choose Dr. Elist for Peyronie’s Disease?

Dr. Elist is one of the Southland’s most accomplished urologists. He has dedicated his professional career to helping men with various penile conditions to lead happier, more confident lives. He has decades of experience in treating Peyronie’s, and can evaluate your condition and advise you of the procedures that can be performed to bring you relief. He has a private clinic in Beverly Hills where you can expect to be treated with compassion, kindness, understanding and discretion.

Can Peyronie’s Disease be Treated Without Surgery?

Peyronie’s disease may be resolved without surgery when caught in the early stages. If you notice your penis is starting to bend, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. As the plaque (hardened tissue) continues to develop, the condition can worsen. We urge you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Elist if you notice these changes. Vitamin therapy or other treatment may be possible in your case. If not, you can be confident that a surgical intervention will be performed by a top urologist for Peyronie’s Disease.

Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease

One of the unfortunate effects of Peyronie’s is that a man may start to lose the ability to get an erection. The plaque has developed to the point, or in a location on the penile shaft, that hinders blood flow to the erectile tissue. Each patient is living with a unique condition, and the treatment required in your case can only be determined after a full evaluation and diagnosis. This condition is very depressing to live with and should be fully treated so normal life and sexual function can resume.

In some cases, the blood flow is affected in a manner that causes the blood to leave the erectile tissue too quickly, and although the patient may be able to achieve an erection, it quickly fades, impacting sexual activity in a very negative way. Dr. Elist, as a leading urologist, can provide the most effective treatment for your case of Peyronie’s disease when it is impacting your sexual health – an important part of a healthy, confident life.

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