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Penis Deformities in Beverly Hills, CA

Penis Deformities Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Penis Deformities

Both male children and adult men can be living with a penis deformity. A penile deformity can be the result of various causes, including:

  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Penile trauma
  • Penile cancer
  • Corporal fibrosis (hardened tissue causing penis pain, curvature and distortion)

Dr. Elist: Beverly Hills Urologist For Penis Deformities

The first step in treating a penis deformity is a full evaluation of the condition. Once the underlying cause has been identified, a treatment plan can be established to bring about a more comfortable, confident life, free from the embarrassment, pain, and discomfort associated with a penis deformity.

Types Of Penis Deformities

The penile structure can be affected by various conditions, diseases, or congenital deformities, leading to the following:

  • Curved penis
  • Micropenis
  • Penis agenesis (penis absent)
  • Buried penis
  • Penile duplication (two penises)
  • Abnormal urethra opening (hypospadias)
  • Overly tight foreskin (Phimosis or paraphimosis)
  • Penis affected by lesions from cancer or other conditions
  • Botched penis surgery
  • Extensive foreskin
  • Glans trauma
  • Reversed penis and scrotum
  • Webbed or folded scrotal skin

Treatment For a Deformed Penis: Dr. Elist In Beverly Hills, CA

If you are one of the many men who is living with an unpleasant, unsightly, or painful penis deformity, getting effective treatment is of utmost importance. Dr. Elist is an acclaimed urologist with a private practice in Beverly Hills. He focuses on treating a range of penile conditions and can establish a custom treatment plan to resolve your individual issue. When it comes to penis deformities Beverly Hills urologist, Dr. Elist, brings extensive knowledge and experience to these very personal matters and understands the great impact a penis deformity can have on your quality of life – and confidence.

Penis Deformities Beverly Hills

Curved Penis Correction

Penis Deformities Beverly Hills

The procedure to correct a curved penis will vary, based upon the cause of the condition. Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which the penis curves when erect. The underlying cause of this condition, which can lead to painful intercourse, along with embarrassment, include:

  • Plaque (hard lumps) has developed in the erectile tissue at the top of the shaft, causing it to bend upward.
  • Plaque has developed on the underside of the penis structure, causing it to bend downward.
  • Plaque has developed on both the top and underside of the penis, leading to distortion and a visible indentation or shortening of the penis.
  • The plaque may lead to discomfort when the penis is erect.
  • Blood flow to the erectile tissue is inhibited due to thickened plaque, affecting the ability to get an erection.
  • Extreme bending of the penis may make intercourse impossible.

Additional Reading

To correct a bent penis, a surgical procedure is performed to remove the hardened plaque from the penis structure, so it can function as nature intended. Some cases resolve on their own, but if the condition persists, it is advised that you seek the help of Dr. Elist to determine the most effective way to restore the appearance and function of your penis. Some other treatments have been found to be effective, but if the condition is persistent and has lasted several years, surgery is likely the option. The surgery involves:

  • Removing of plaque and grafting of natural tissue.
  • Removal of tissue opposite the plaque to resolve the bend.
  • Device implant to increase rigidity and straighten the penis.

Trauma to the penile structure, whether due to cancer, impact, or a botched penile enlargement surgery can affect the penis structure, requiring a surgical correction. Penile cancer is a rare condition but will require the surgical removal of cancerous tissue. The penis tissue then needs to be surgically restored to a normal appearance.

Penile Trauma And Deformities

Dr. Elist: The Specialist You Need

For men who are struggling with a penis deformity, you want to be confident that you are under the care of a leading urologist who has extensive experience and knowledge. Dr. Elist has been focused on this field for decades, and is recognized for his work in helping men lead normal, happy lives by resolving penis deformities correctly and thoroughly. His approach is compassionate and professional – his decades of experience have led to his reputation for excellence in Beverly Hills penis deformity correction.

Penis Deformities Beverly Hills

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