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A micropenis is a physical condition that can leave a man feeling embarrassed and even fearful about engaging in intimate relations. An infant or child who is exhibiting the symptoms of a micropenis should be treated early so the penis develops normally. Adults or adolescents with this condition can live a more confident life through treatment. Dr. Elist is recognized for his work in treating men who are living with a micropenis.

The condition may come about due to various physical factors, including:

  • Genetic conditions and diseases
  • Pituitary or hypothalamus gland deficiencies or conditions
  • Decreased body production of testosterone or other critical hormones impacting penis growth and size

Whatever the underlying condition that resulted in a child, teenager, or adult male to have a micropenis, treating the condition is an urgent and personal matter. Dr. Elist has focused his practice on this area of medicine for decades and offers male patients the opportunity to have a more positive, confident life through effective treatments.

What is a Micropenis?

When the penis has not developed correctly and is abnormally small with a normal configuration, the condition is termed a “micropenis.” The size of a micropenis is about three inches or less when flaccid and about five inches when erect. A penis of this size typically has an abnormal position of the opening of the urethra, a medical condition called “hypospadia.” These conditions can be resolved with the help of Dr. Elist, leading urologist in Beverly Hills.

Treatments for Micropenis

Effective treatment for a micropenis will be based upon identifying the underlying cause of the condition. If penile size in an infant or child is diagnosed as being the result of a hormone deficiency, a custom hormone therapy treatment is often an effective way to help a male child develop correctly and have a normal penis size. It is important to seek treatment for a male child as early as possible if you believe he is not developing normally.

Micropenis Treatment for Adults

Men or adolescents who are living with a micropenis and did not undergo hormone treatment as a child, or have had limited results with hormones deserve help that produces real-world results. Penile enlargement surgery is an option. This treatment allows a male patient to have enhanced penile size through implanting a soft silicone implant to enhance length and girth.

MicroPenis Surgery

How Can a Penis be Enlarged?

In the past, men with a micropenis just lived with the condition – but modern surgical techniques have made it possible to create a normally-sized penis with the use of a custom penile implant. This implant is created from a soft silicone that has the feel of natural tissue. It is surgically implanted to increase the length and girth of the penis. With thousands of penile enlargement surgeries completed, Dr. Elist is one of the most qualified and experienced practitioners in the field. His patients who were living with a micropenis have report that their lives have significantly improved after penile enlargement surgery.

Can I Get a Bigger Penis?

The short answer is yes. Every guy has a unique situation, but in most cases, a bigger penis can be attained with Penuma® surgery in Beverly Hills. The Penuma® implant is the first cleared penile implant, and has been successfully implanted by Dr. Elist in thousands of patients to date. The benefits include:

  • Looks and feels natural
  • No interference with natural functions
  • Short, out-patient procedure
  • No incisions or scars formed on penis
  • Short recovery time

*Individual results may vary. A detailed list of potential risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will be discussed with each patient in advance

MicroPenis Surgery

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