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Why Women Wants Their Partner To have High Testosterone Levels?

November 2nd, 2016

Why Women Wants Their Partner To have High Testosterone Levels?

Why Women Wants Their Partner To have High Testosterone Levels?

Sufficient levels of testosterone are not only beneficial for men but for their partners as well. Believe it or not, most females are equally concerned about their guy’s low testosterone levels as they want to regain that zing in their sexual as well as personal life. Did you know that normal levels of testosterone can do wonders for your sex life in several ways?

Testosterone Levels & Quality of Life

Here is how normal testosterone levels can improve the quality of your life:

  • Greater vim:

When testosterone level goes down it also takes away your vigor and energy. Men often complaints of fatigue and lack of energy which interferes with their ability to perform satisfactorily in the bedroom. When testosterone levels are restored via natural means (weight or diet modification, exercise) or artificially (testosterone replacement or formulations); it makes men active like before and allows them to enjoy sex with more passion and liveliness.

  • Enhanced libido:

Low testosterone levels can lead to erectile issues which may eventually culminate in reduced sexual drive or loss of libido. With testosterone therapy or natural restoration of testosterone levels, these issues can be resolved.

  • Happier mood:

For guys their “manhood” matters a lot and when they are unable to satisfy their partner, it may lead to feeling of being a failure or maybe unwanted. All these negative feelings induce depression and greatly affects the overall quality of relationship. With treatment of low testosterone levels, men can regain their confidence which will definitely induce positive impact on their mood and relationships.Testosterone Levels and Baldness In Men image

  • Better concentration:

Lower testosterone can also affect the ability to concentrate or focus on work. It has a negative influence on the ability to focus on verbal and visual signs or gestures. Difficulty in accomplishing tasks or failure to perform well at work can also make a person more anxious which will ultimately affect the love life.

  • Better hair and body:

Testosterone hormone also enhances growth of facial hairs- a masculine trait. Therefore, when T-levels are lowered, men develop baldness and problem in growing beard and mustache. Lower T level also causes loss of muscle mass, which leads to sagging or draping of body. Hence, replenishing testosterone level can also enhance the aesthetical looks.

  • Strengthened bones:

Osteoporosis is another problem that is reported very frequently in men with low testosterone levels. It can make bones weak and fragile and more prone to fracture. Weak bones also cause back problems which can further cause hindrance in achieving optimal sexual performance.

  • Well-being:

The symptoms of low testosterone also include lack of well-being. It has been observed that males with low testosterone levels often develops a poor sense of wellness. The depression, feeling of being incomplete or less manly are some negative feelings that affects performance and overall health. When testosterone levels are balanced, a person will feel a pleasant change in himself. More confident, happy and healthy. A healthy and happy man can keep his lady satisfied and happier and no wonder all women want their men to have optimal supply of testosterone hormone.

Testosterone is not only essential for sexual health but for overall general health. Several research studies suggest that low testosterone levels are associated with a higher morbidity and mortality. Likewise, restoration of normal testosterone levels is associated with higher life expectancy in males. Speak to your doctor if you are experiencing persistently low levels of testosterone.


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