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What is a Penile Implant?

July 2nd, 2019

What is a Penile Implant?

What Exactly is a Penile Implant?

Penile implants come in various forms for either aesthetic enhancement of the penis, or to correct erectile dysfunction. These implants also vary in their viability and longevity, so it is best to consult with experienced urologist and surgeon, Dr. James Elist, before deciding to undergo any such treatment.

A penile implant can be done to help your penis appear larger and longer, or it can help you to achieve an erection in the case of erectile dysfunction implants. As implants involve the placement of medical grade silicone of various forms and functions within the penis, a thorough understanding of penile implants is necessary when choosing the best option.

The two primary types of penile implants

There are two common types of penile implants, which are:

  • Penile implants for erectile dysfunction: These implants assist men with overcoming erectile dysfunction by aiding in the obtaining and maintaining of an erection.
  • Penile implants for aesthetic enhancement of the penis: these implants are for penile enlargement, done to enhance the masculinity of your penis by adding either girth, length, or both.

There are different forms of both penile implants that are used commonly, more of which is discussed below. Implants for erectile dysfunction, or ED, are never the first solution indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction implants

Erectile dysfunction implants or a penile prosthesis are either inflatable or malleable and are only indicated for erectile dysfunction and not for enhancing the shape, length or aesthetics of the penis. Erectile dysfunction implants are also not the first option for treatment, and they are suggested only after other treatments for erectile dysfunction have not achieved satisfactory results.

Thorough testing and examinations are performed at the outset of diagnosing erectile dysfunction so that treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, or injections, are tried prior to treatment with an implant. Health and lifestyle changes may also be recommended depending on the severity of your case so that all of the relevant aspects of your wellness are taken into account.

Inflatable erectile dysfunction implants

  • Two-piece inflatable implants: these have a fluid-filled reservoir and pump located in the scrotum that is linked to inflatable cylinders in the penis shaft. The cylinders can be emptied by bending the penis, which forces the fluid back into the reservoir in the scrotum.
  • Three-piece inflatable implants: Have a fluid-filled reservoir that is located in the abdomen, a pump located in the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders located in the penis. The pump is used to pump the fluid from the reservoir into the inflatable cylinders. The fluid is then returned to the reservoir through the use of a release valve.

Malleable erectile dysfunction implants

These implants are semi-rigid rods that are placed within the penis and that generally consist of either:

  • Stainless steel braided wires
  • Bendable plastic disks that are covered in medical grade silicone

These options are bendable or articulated, as in the case of the plastic disks. With a malleable implant, your penis would always be firm but could be bent upwards for intercourse, or downwards to be hidden under clothing. Many choose this option due to its ease of use as well as the fact that it involves less apparatus that could be prone to malfunction.

Will penile implants for erectile dysfunction change the look or feel of my penis?

Neither should change the look or feel of your penis, although the feel of the erect penis is more of a natural stiffness with the inflatable option. The malleable implants do not create the same firmness that the inflatable implants do, which some find to be a drawback. The apparatus of the inflatable penile implant and the malleable implant are well formed and suited to be discreet and should not be easily noticeable. Dr. Elist always strives to create the most natural looking and feeling implant possible when developing and performing your procedure.

How do I know which implant is right for my specific case?

Choosing the most suitable option for yourself would depend on your preferences and what Dr. Elist believes is the best option for you in overcoming erectile dysfunction. Recommendations would be based on the results from any testing you had undergone, previous treatments you had tried, as well as the severity of your case. Most men tend to opt for the inflatable option, as they can then choose to create an erection at any time and relieve themselves of it just as easily.

Aesthetic penile implants

Aesthetic penile implants are often sought after for such reasons as:

  • Lack of self-confidence and looking to boost self-confidence
  • Seeking a heightened sense of masculinity
  • They feel that they would be able to please their partners and themselves more during intercourse
  • Wanting to feel more attractive without clothing
  • Wanting to feel more virile and attractive

Aesthetic penile implants vary in their forms. Dr. Elist uses only the Penuma implant for male enhancement, as it is the only cleared penile enhancement implant for aesthetic purposes. The Penuma implant can add both girth and length without detracting from your sensitivity or the natural feel of your penis.

The Penuma Implant vs other forms of male aesthetic enhancement

The Penuma implants are the only cleared implant for male enhancement and have incredibly high patient satisfaction rates. Other forms of male enhancement also tend to involve excessive surgery and interference with the natural structure of your penis which sets you up for higher risk of complications.

When it comes to your penis, only the highest quality implant will suffice, with as little risk as possible. During the implantation of the Penuma implant, there is only a minor incision made, at the base of the penis, with no more interference than is absolutely necessary.

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Why choose Dr. Elist?

Choosing the best implant or combination of penile enhancement treatments is the area that Dr. Elist excels. Dr. Elist is one of the leading urologists in the development of the Penuma implant and has decades of experience helping men with their sexual health. When it comes to enhancing your masculinity, Dr. Elist is the first choice when it comes to Penuma implant, and a world-class leader in male sexual health.

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