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What Does Girth Have To Do With Sexual Pleasure?

January 3rd, 2019

What Does Girth Have To Do With Sexual Pleasure?

Size matters. Even though you’ve heard plenty of people tell you sexual pleasure isn’t about size, that’s not entirely true. Size may not matter, however, in the way you think. When it comes to sexual pleasure, many women will tell you that girth is far more important than length. In heterosexual intercourse, understanding the female anatomy is key to understanding how her pleasure centers work and why girth is so important. Once you have a keen grasp of these things, you can increase not only your partner’s sexual satisfaction but your own as well.

How Women Experience Pleasure

The female anatomy has evolved to provide her both pleasure and the ability to procreate. The external clitoris is designed specifically to produce orgasms. While it may appear to be a small part of her anatomy, the clitoris has a large connected network of nerve endings which extend back toward the vaginal opening flanking either side. When stimulated, these nerve endings stimulate spongy tissue to swell on either side of the opening of the vagina. At the same time, erectile tissue surrounding her urethra becomes engorged and full of sensation.

The Art of Applying Pressure

When a woman is sexually aroused, and all the above processes have taken place, the girth experienced during penetration can be incredibly fulfilling. Using your girth to stimulate the sides of the vaginal opening further stimulates this tissue allowing vaginal orgasms to begin to build. Furthermore, applying pressure to her g-spot during penetration can increase these sensations. The girth of your penis can simultaneously stimulate all these pleasure centers, allowing your partner to achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation (or in addition to it!).

The Female Orgasm

Knowing how the female anatomy works, it’s not difficult to see why women prefer girth Does Girth Matter in Sex?over length when it comes to the size of your penis. During penetration, a penis which has greater girth will stretch the vaginal opening and provide great stimulation to the network of nerves and engorged tissue located there. Learning how to use the shaft of your penis to stimulate the sides of your partner’s vaginal walls can help to create the sensation of greater thickness. This complex nerve structure which is connected to her clitoris can provide intense sexual pleasure both during intercourse and during foreplay. Learning how to play with this pressure can help you learn how to provide your partner with maximum stimulation, taking your intimacy to another level.

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