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Two Penis Guy | An Interview with “DoubleDickDude”, Man with 2 Penises

January 17th, 2014

Two Penis Guy | An Interview with “DoubleDickDude”, Man with 2 Penises

Two Penis Guy | An Interview with Man with 2 Penises

There’s a saying that “you can have too much of a good thing.” But according to man born with two functioning penises due to a rare medical condition, that just isn’t the case.
The man was born with diphallia, a rare congenital condition that results in an individual having two sexual organs. It is a condition that affects one in ever six million boys in the United States. However, most individuals with the condition choose to remove one of the two sex organs at an early age.

Two Penis Guy’s Interview on Reddit

The man, who goes by the name “DoubleDickDude” (DDD), took questions on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” as you might expect, it was an interesting Q&A and here is a summary:
Both penises are in the 6-inch range and both are fully functional, each capable of operating independently of the other.
During the Q&A, DDD revealed to have a unique lifestyle when it comes to his romantic relationships: he is bisexual and currently in a relationship with both a man and a woman, who were in a monogamous relationship when they met DDD.
Two Penis Guy PhotoDDD also revealed that exposing his condition to new partners has had its challenges and that people have all responded differently.
“Some have freaked out, like, called me names,” he said, according to HuffPost UK. “Most are pretty curious… but for the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. Dudes never change their mind, they always want it even if they’re freaked out a little,” explained DDD.
DDD claims to be able to use both penises at the same time with different people. He revealed that his most memorable sexual encounter involved six other people: three women and three men.

Two Penis Guy’s Problems

A negative aspect of his condition is that his prostate gets so full of seminal fluid that it has to be released every few days.
He additionally faced some issues during his teenage years.
“The ‘Y’ intersection where my urethra splits into two had some tension issues and was ballooning until the pressure was enough to force the urine up and out,” he said.
“So they did some minor surgery and used catheters to stretch and open up the ‘Y’ some. No problems since.”
But that is a price DDD was willing to make.
When asked if he would ever considering removing one of the sex organs, DDD responded, “Hell no. Besides the ego boost it really makes a person feel special knowing there is likely no one else like you alive right now.”
For DDD, good things come in twos!

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