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Top Facts About Testicular Implants

July 20th, 2017

Top Facts About Testicular Implants

Top Facts About Testicular Implants

Testicular implants are generally offered to individuals who are recovering from testicular cancer surgery or a severe traumatic injury to the genitals. Regardless of the primary indication of testicular implants, there are some facts that everyone should be aware of before opting for this form of intervention.

What Should You Know About Testicular Implants?

Testicular implant is not a new approach; in fact, it has been in practice since the early 1940’s. Since its inception, several materials have been tried and tested to gauge the efficacy of the implants, such as Dacron, silicone, polyethylene, Vitallium alloy and glass. However, in 1976 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) started actively monitoring the safety threats associated with using different materials for the implants. With advancements in science and technology, many safety issues have been tackled for good. Today, testicular implants filled with saline are the only implants approved, based of FDA’s recommendation.

Why Get A Testicular Implant?

They are helpful in maintaining a smooth and natural testicular appearance that boosts the confidence of men. Following are some conditions in which a testicular implant may be recommended:

  • Testicular Cancer – Causes, Signs and Symptoms imageWhen the testicles are badly affected due to a traumatic injury
  • Individuals who are suffering from testicular cancer
  • For men with nonfunctional, deformed or small testicles (s)
  • Men and children who suffers from testicular (s) torsion
  • Men and children with undescended testicles

Not everyone can benefit from testicular implants. For example, in the following cases testicular implants may not be helpful:

  • Untreated infections or cancer
  • Trauma
  • Radiotherapy

What Are The Complications Associated With Testicular Implants?

Just like any other procedure that involves surgery; testicular implants can lead to complications after the procedure is carried out. The most common complication of testicular implantation is moderate to high risk of infection. Apart from this, there may be other complications as well such as poor healing of wounds and hematoma; a condition characterized by the loss of blood in the tissue surrounding the area involved in the surgery. Since the procedure is carried out under anesthesia so there may be some serious side effects, however the incidence is very rare.

What Studies Suggest?

A number of studies have claimed that testicular implants filled with saline can help boost the overall self-esteem and confidence in men. They are a great way for men to have a normal appearance of testicles. Some studies also go a bit further to suggest that a huge ratio of men who opt for testicular implant, find the experience and results satisfying, whereas only a small proportion reports discomfort and pain.

Getting testicular implants is a big decision and requires thorough consideration. A doctor will help in understanding whether the cosmetic testicular implant may benefit the patient or not.

The bottom line is that the testicular implant is a great and safe option for all those men out there, who feel discouraged and less confident due to medical condition associated with cosmetically unsatisfactory or disfigured testicles. If you are considering testicular implants, schedule an appointment with Dr. Elist and see if you are a good candidate for testicular implants.


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