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Sperm Mobility | Fertility | Pregnancy

May 16th, 2014

Sperm Mobility | Fertility | Pregnancy

Sperm Movement | Pregnancy

Sperm mobility, is one of many key factors that contribute to pregnancy (Fertility and Foods: The Five Foods That Help Extend Your Fertility Page).  They can either move at a rapid rate, or they might have issues with sperm mobility.  This can affect pregnancy and it can even cause pregnancy to not occur because of the lack of movement on their part.

Sperm Mobility

It’s important to be aware of sperm mobility because it can be the main factor deciding if a man can implant an egg.  Sometimes men with poor sperm mobility can still father children, while on the opposite men with normal sperm may have issues doing so.  It’s all relative and if a man would like to know more information about their sperm count (Male Infertility | Causes | Treatment Page) and sperm mobility, he can get tested.
There are a lot of sperm in a man’s semen, and even a normal ejaculation (Delayed Ejaculation.. Lasting forever…or just trouble getting there? Page) can have over 100 million sperm in it.  However, a lot of those do not move, and there are even classifications for them.  There is a classification for the best ones that move in a straight line, ones that move in a crooked line, ones that move their tails but don’t move, and ones that just don’t move at all.  What type a man has is one of the key factors that can affect sperm mobility and pregnancy.

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