Smoking Cessation: Fight Impotence and Prostate Disease

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation: Fight Impotence and Prostate Disease

Smoking Cessation: Fight Impotence and Prostate Disease…

Smoking in general is not only associated with bad breath, but also with many serious illnesses. Besides saving hard earned dollars, smoking cessation will help to improve your overall health, but especially improve erectile functioning and might decrease the risk of prostate cancer. While smoking is dangerous, smoking cessation is likely to decrease the risk of illnesses to that of non-smokers. So quit now and improve your life….

Smoking Cessation and Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking Cessation, Smoking Cause ImpotenceThe adverse effects of cigarette smoking on erectile functioning has been known for years. A newly published study has added some more fuel to the fire:
Conducted in Hong Kong, the clinical study shows that smokers enjoyed a better sex life after quitting. 53.8% of the subjects who quit smoking during the last 6 months reported an overall improvement in their erection problems. The study shows that smoking cessation helped to improve erectile functioning and men who quit had 91.5% better chance of enjoying a better sex life.

Smoking Cessation and Prostate Health

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the US studied a group of 1,450 men in the Seattle area, half of whom had prostate cancer and half of whom did not. The study shows that heavy smokers under 65 years had double the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. The positive outcome of the same study found out that former smokers could reduce the risk to that of non-smokers within a decade of smoking free period.