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Signs Of Unhealthy Lifestyle In Men

December 14th, 2016

Signs Of Unhealthy Lifestyle In Men

Signs Of Unhealthy Lifestyle In Men

We all talk about being healthy and acquiring a productive lifestyle, But, how many of us really follow a defined schedule? We all know that junk food is a threat to our well- being, yet fad diets and fast foods are the most popular diets in most developed countries like US. We love sitting in front of the television for hours (being couch potato), and prefer to drive (even if it is short distance), instead of walking! We are so used to this work-shy lifestyle that we easily ignore the voices of our conscience that tells us to cut it off and get into good shape.

When we say “unhealthy”, it includes our overall mental and physical health status. The term “unhealthy” is vague i.e., if you are overweight, it doesn’t always mean that you are diseased! Likewise, if you are below normal weight or malnourished, you are considered unhealthy. Sometimes, despite being aware that we are indulging ourselves into unhealthy and harmful habits, we assume that we are fine! (I am alive, right!? So, there is nothing to be worried about!) Even if we manage to survive long with a destructive lifestyle, the quality of life suffers a big deal.

Your friends, family and peers can tell you are unhealthy by just looking at you or maybe you can feel it yourself too. If you are not aware of your unhealthy lifestyle choices, look for these signs and initiate a change. Here are 7 alarming signs that are yelling “you are not fit”:

  • Bad Skin:

Your skin tells a lot about your health. Having stretch marks, blemishes, dry and dull skin is an indication of poor health or poor diet. Yes, People do have acne and that does not necessarily mean that they are not fine. But, never ignore the physical signs such as (dull skin or complexion, blemishes, scars etc.) that are manifested by your skin.

  • Dad To Be Diet And Lifestyle imageSleep Problems:

Troubled sleep can be due to unhealthy eating habits such as junk food or too much caffeine intake during late daytime. If you are not working out enough (or utilizing energy) throughout the day, you can also develop sleeping issues.

  • Bathroom Habits:

Yes! You read it right! Your frequency of visiting bathroom or the color of urine and stool also tells about your overall health. An odorless, pale yellow urine indicates everything is fine. But, bad odor or darkened urine can be an alarming sign of something wrong inside. Likewise, your bowel habits and stool properties can also tell a lot about your health. Abnormal bowel habits include diarrhea, constipation, appearance of blood/pus/mucus in stool, etc.

  • Chapped Lips:

Having chapped, dry lips regardless of weather or hydration status indicate vitamin deficiencies. So, if you always need chap sticks, modify your diet plan, and try adding more vitamins.

  • Bad Finger And Toe Nails:

Having discolored, bumpy toe nails or fingers are forewarnings that you are unhealthy. Therefore, if you have bad nails, don’t ignore them! It can be a red flag of something serious!

  • Iced Cold Extremities:

Having cold feet or hands can be an environmental factor but, if it is happening continuously, you might need to get your cardiovascular system checked. It may be due to improper blood flow towards upper and/or lower extremities.

  • Brain Fog:

Our cognitive and brain health is related to the physical health. Being obese or excessive body fat can interfere with the ability to think or reason. So, if you are being forgetful or there is lack of mental clarity and focus, it’s time to shed off extra pounds.


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