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What Women Find Sexy and Most Men Don’t Know About

December 6th, 2013

What Women Find Sexy and Most Men Don’t Know About

What Women Find Sexy and Most Men Don’t Know About

It’s Friday again, and the weekly “hunting season” is officially on…dates, bars, clubbing, and co.
Guys after gals, and vice verse….
It’s late afternoon and the preparations for a hot night are at their pick high. Looking hot and sexy, being desired, and land a gig at the “here we go” theater stage…bang!!!
All that preparation and expectations, and the result is?
Well, if you have ever caught yourself standing in a corner, maybe with a bottle of beer in the hand, starring at the guy across the room who is rocking that beautiful lady’s world, asking yourself “what’s his secret”, then you should read this.
Here are some secrets to how impress a lady; secrets about things you would never expected women to find sexy.

Did You Use The Right Shower Gel and Cologne? Yes, Your Smell!

The same way Pacino was fascinated by “The Scent of Women“, a man’s body odor is detected, analyzed, and liked or disliked by the ladies. Sure, a nice cologne is nice to wear, but we are talking about the actual body odor. “Ich kann dich nicht riechen” is a phrase used by Germans’ to express their dislike for somebody they absolutely can’t stand; literately, “you stink man.” Research shows that a man’s natural scent has a very determining power about being liked or disliked; it can turn a woman on or off in a matter of seconds. In fact, scientific experiments have shown that based on the smell of his t-shirt alone, a woman can tell if she is attracted to him – without ever even seeing his face.

Behave Yourself: Your Manners

Are you the gentleman holding doors open for your lady to enter? You think that is old-fashioned schnick-schnack? Well, you are wrong my friends. We might live in a modern world, but old fashioned chivalry is alive and well in the dating and relationship scene. If you are rude, your date is likely to be turned off; but if you are nice, not only towards her but the surrounding as well, she is more likely to find you a decent guy and let down her guard. Opening a door for your lady opens doors for you! Open doors mean invitation and if she drops her guard and warms to you socially, you are more likely to be the guy who’ll score the roll.

Macho or Softy? Let Your Feminine Side Compliment Your Mustache

Testosterone Levels, Sexy MenYou are a man of steel. Which woman does not love a hot, hard, chiseled sex machine? Most of them do! Now imagine “Mr. Terminator” being soft and actually comfortable to touch. Yes, we are tickling out your feminine side. Relax the muscles, let the air out of that massive chest of yours, and rub her feet. What, you say? Yes, gents. Ladies indeed find it sexy if you give them a massage and take a bath with them. And believe it or not, ladies DO LOVE IT! It’s all about the balance: the hard guy who can bring it on, and who is a nice friend to cuddle with sometimes.

Mr. 007, Let’s Reveal Some of Your Secrets

Oh, well, we are not exactly recommending you to become a secret agent and then give away the secrets of you Majesty. It’s all about trust, intimacy, and being vulnerable. In fact, ladies do not think that you are weak when revealing personal secrets, share your heart, and being open. Women find men with the confidence of revealing some weaknesses very special and sexy- well, just make sure you don’t give away the secrets to your hidden treasures on the first date.

Now Dance Casanova: Show Some Rhythm

Now that you have mastered the way of body language, manners, and how to treat a lady, it’s time to rock her world on the dance floor. Women find men with a hot butt-shake very sexy; they simply love a guy who can dance. If you are not necessarily rhythmic and have two left feet, no worries, just learn to go with the rhythm and shake it. If you have seen a fiery Argentinian tango or a Latin American salsa, then you will know why some say dancing is like making love dressed. So if you do it well, some women say there’s nothing sexier!
And to be honest, who would score higher than a well scented, soft macho gentleman, who can shake it like nobody else?

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