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Sexual dysfunction and metabolic syndrome

June 20th, 2018

Sexual dysfunction and metabolic syndrome

Sexual dysfunction and metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome refers to a cluster of conditions that are caused by aberrations in the normal metabolic processes. These include; hypertension (high blood pressure), abnormally and persistently raised blood sugar levels, obesity (abnormal body mass index), high serum cholesterol levels, high serum triglyceride levels etc. Presence of 2 or more of these conditions can directly increase the risk of serious and life-threatening complications such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke, sexual dysfunction, diabetes and even death. Sexual dysfunction and metabolic syndrome is a dangerous combination.
It is noteworthy that presence of one of the above symptom doesn’t mean that the affected person is suffering from metabolic syndrome. However, it is also true that presence of any one of these conditions can directly increase the risk of developing other serious symptoms and in turn more grave consequences.

Sexual Function in men with metabolic syndrome:

As mentioned previously, metabolic syndrome can directly as well as indirectly linked to a number of serious complications, one of which is sexual dysfunction in men. The association between metabolic syndrome and sexual dysfunction is so strong that healthcare providers recommend assessment of coronary function in all asymptomatic men who have been diagnosed with erectile or sexual dysfunction.
To study the correlation, Lee and his associates conducted a study and discovered that poorly managed metabolic syndrome in men presents with erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism. According to a study conducted on 1,300 men, investigators discovered that 70% individuals who were diagnosed with metabolic syndrome reported erectile dysfunction vs. only 45% study participants without metabolic syndrome reported erectile dysfunction
According to another study reported in the Diabetes Care journal, investigators suggested that prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men with metabolic syndrome is 26.7% when compared to only 13% in men without metabolic syndrome under same age group and BMI indices. Other abnormal and alarming findings were:

  • Considerably compromised endothelial function (i.e. performance of blood vessel walls) that was assessed by endothelial function score of 6.3 vs. 9.5 in individuals without metabolic syndrome
  • Higher serum levels of C – Reactive Proteins that are a hallmark of ongoing tissue inflammation

What are some other factors that can aggravate sexual dysfunction in men suffering from Metabolic Syndrome?

Erectile dysfunction is a highly prevalent issue that affects more than 30 million American males. According to latest estimates, more than 52% males between 40 to 70 years suffers from some degree of ED. Metabolic syndrome itself is a recognized risk factor that independently deteriorates the quality of sex life in affected men and women. Other aggravating factors that can exacerbate the sexual deterioration in men are;

  • Smoking: Cigarette smoke contains over 300 carcinogens and numerous other chemicals that constricts the vascular walls; thereby compromising blood supply to vital tissues. Smoking leads to lung diseases, heart ailments, as well as atherosclerosis – all of which are independent risk factors in the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction.
  • Reduced Nitric Oxide activity
  • Dyslipidemia or abnormal serum lipid levels

If you are suffering from metabolic syndrome, adopt healthy lifestyle changes to restore normal health and optimal sexual function such as losing extra body weight, smoking cessation, adoption of dynamic lifestyle, incorporation of healthy nutrients in diet etc.
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