Sexual Messages | Sexting Signs, Causes & Consequences

Sexting Signs, Causes & Consequences
Sexual Messages | Sexting Signs, Causes & Consequences

Sexual Messages | Sexting Signs, Causes & Consequences

Sexting is defined as the act of sending nude/semi-nude pictures of yourself or sexually explicit text messages via an electronic or handheld device. Teen sexting has assumed dangerous proportions, with an increasing number of teenagers believing that sexting won’t cause them any harm and that the harmful consequences apply to adults. Unfortunately, the reality is different. According to a recent study conducted by the NSPCC, teenage girls are under an increasing pressure from peers to share sexually explicit photos of themselves. While no parent wants to believe that their teen is indulging in sending sexualized messages/photos, it will help to be aware of sexting signs. As a parent, you can save your child from sexual exploitation and child-pornography offense.

A Few Tips & Signs to Exercise & be Aware of to Detect Sexting

  • Talk to your child politely about the risk of texting. If they seem non-interested in communicating about the topic, this could mean something is wrong. They may be hiding something. Make sure you make them aware of the legal troubles of sexting. Some US states consider sexting as child pornography (Child Pornography Wiki Page), and the child can be labeled as a sex offender and charged with felony, casting them as social pariahs and limiting their employment opportunities.