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Sensitive Glans Issues

May 7th, 2019

Sensitive Glans Issues

The glans penis is the area typically referred to as the “head” of the penis that encompasses the opening of the urethra where urine and semen are excreted. Though it is already a sensitive area, for some men, it can be overly sensitive.

What causes sensitive glans

Glans sensitivity can range depending on age, psychological issues, and whether you are circumcised.

  • Recent circumcision – a man who is recently circumcised will have a much more sensitive penis as the glans are now exposed and no longer covered by the foreskin.
  • Uncircumcised men – men who are uncircumcised can sometimes experience higher levels of sensitivity that can cause premature ejaculation.
  • Inflammation – an inflammation that can cause hypersensitivity is balanitis which can be caused by a reaction to irritating substances or an underlying skin condition such as eczema.
  • Disease – Urethritis can cause the glans to be more sensitive and will also cause pain during urination. Peyronie’s disease, or curved dick disease, can also result in a more sensitive penis.
  • Psychological – oftentimes premature ejaculation and an overly sensitive penis can be caused by psychological issues. Specialized psychological help has proven to be helpful to many men.

Treatment options for sensitive glans

In order to treat hypersensitivity of the glans or penis, you must first get to the reason behind the sensitivity. If you are experiencing pain with the sensitivity or pain during urination, call your doctor immediately. If you notice your penis has developed a curve or issues becoming erect, it could be Peyronie’s disease. If there’s no physical reason you can determine that is causing the sensitivity, it is possible the condition is psychological.

Circumcision and sensitive glans

Oftentimes, men who were not circumcised when they were young may begin to experience issues, including hypersensitive glans. Other issues can include infections of the foreskin or phimosis, an overly tight foreskin. They may also experience a lack of confidence or a feeling of embarrassment by the appearance of their uncircumcised penis.

Circumcision can also help men experiencing hypersensitivity due to their foreskin. While the glans will initially be more sensitive after circumcision, once the penis has grown accustomed to being circumcised, the hypersensitivity will lessen and can help those men who have concerns about premature ejaculation. Dr. Elist is an expert in later life circumcision or repair of incomplete circumcisions and can help you determine if removing the foreskin is your best option.

If you are experiencing issues with sensitivity in your glans penis, Dr. Elist can help determine the underlying problem and guide you to a solution. As a urologist with almost four decades of experience, Dr. Elist specializes in helping patients experiencing erectile dysfunction and impotence. He is also the only surgeon to provide the only FDA-cleared penile enlargement device, the Penuma implant. Reach out to our Beverly Hills office today at 310-652-2600 to schedule your consultation.

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