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Relationship And Their Types

February 14th, 2017

Relationship And Their Types

Relationship And Their Types

Sex, love, and commitment all are three different things. It is not necessary that people who are in sexual relationship, also love each other. Similarly, when you love someone, sex isn’t the only way to express. Whether it is a long-term marriage or a fling, it is important to understand each other’s sexual needs or expectations. Having sex in a devoted relationship makes people closer to each other, both physically and emotionally. But, even in non-committed relations sex can be joyful (friends with benefits!). However, no matter what type of relation you have, the key is respect, trust and understanding.

Before getting into a relation, ask yourself and your partner about what type of relation is expected.

Sexual Or Non-Sexual?

Like said earlier, sex isn’t the only way to show affection. Discuss with the person whether you both want to get engaged into sexual activities or not? and if relation is sexual; or are there any limitations?

Committed Or Non-Committed?

Even if you decide to have sex, do you want to get committed and make it a long-term relationship? Do you want to get married or have children together?

Romantic Or Friendly?

Some people like to take intimacy to a whole new level! They are very passionate and expect their partner to be equally intimated. Figure out whether you both want a lovey dovey relation, sparkling with romance and intimacy or you want a friendly relation.

Monogamous Or Polygamous?Sexual Identity and Orientation image

Some people follow the one man/women formula. They want to be sexually connected with one person only. Whereas some people like variety in their sex life and prefer an open relationship. It is important to discuss with your partner as it may badly hurt, if priorities are different!

Common Relationship Structures

  • Lifelong mutual monogamy: In this type of relation both partners have sex only with each other, throughout their life.
  • Mutual serial monogamy: This type of relation is quite common. A person may have more than one relations throughout their life but, they will have long term relation with one person at a time and both partners will be monogamous.
  • Mutual fidelity: In this type, a group of three or more people can have sex with each other but they won’t have sexual relationship with any person outside the group.
  • Sexually polygamous relation: A type in which people have sex with more than one person. However, this polygamous relation can be with consent of partner i.e. open relation or without consent i.e. cheating or adultery.
  • Asexual: A long term, committed relation without sex. Such type of people usually has no feelings for sexual activity and they prefer connecting emotionally rather physically. Some acquire sexual abstinence to prevent sexually transmitted diseases/infections. Sometimes, people in asexual relationships do have sexual desires but they are not ready for it and want to give some time.

A serial monogamous relationship can be less risky for catching STIs as compared to polygamous relations but, not risk-free. For instance, incorrect/irregular use of protections, having numerous monogamous relations, sex with strangers, sharing of needles and irregular STI screening can aggravate your risk of developing STIs/STDS.

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