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Does Penis Size Shrink with Age?

February 24th, 2016

Does Penis Size Shrink with Age?

Does Penis Size Shrink With Age?

There are some significant changes that occur with aging. Male sexual function declines with age, as a result of falling testosterone levels, and many men experience erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems, or a decline in libido, which may result in decreased sexual satisfaction. Some men also have a gradual decline in urinary stream, resulting from weakening of the bladder muscles or from enlargement of the prostate gland. In addition to these changes, the penis is not immune to the ravages of time.

With aging, there is an actual reduction in both length and thickness of the penis in most men. Although the change is not dramatic in most men, it can be noticeable by the time a man reaches his 60’s or 70’s, ranging from ½ inch to 1 inch in a male who enjoyed a 6” erection during his prime.

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This shrinkage is the result of poor blood circulation, which inevitably decreases as fatty plaques form inside the small arteries of the penis. This is part of the same process that can result in heart attacks and strokes. Another cause of a shrinking penis is the accumulation of scar tissue around the erection chambers of the penis. These chambers fill with blood during an erection, but with formation of scar tissue, the chambers can’t expand as well, resulting in a smaller erection. Coupled with reduced blood flow, erections are inevitably smaller in older men. Testicular size also decreases in men after the age of 40.

A condition known as Peyronie’s disease can also result from accumulation of scar tissue in an uneven pattern within the penis, causing curvature. This affects the appearance of penile length, but it is even more problematic because it can be painful and make intercourse difficult.

In addition to actual shrinkage, a large abdomen can also make the penis look much smaller. Abdominal fat can hide much of the shaft of the penis, so weight loss can definitely increase the appearance of size.

In general, size is not the most important factor in achieving sexual satisfaction for most couples, but many men are still troubled by the visible signs of aging. IF you have concerns, call Dr. Elist today for a consultation. Dr. Elist has practiced urological surgery in Beverly Hills for 28 years, helping men with impotence, penile enlargement, and fertility problems.

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