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Penis Bulge

January 17th, 2018

Penis Bulge

What is a Penis Bulge? 

A penis bulge, also known as a crotch bulge, is the outline of a man’s penis through his clothing. They can often be seen due to underwear choice (or lack thereof), the tightness of his pants, or the color and material of the pants. A bulge refers to either a flaccid or erect penis. It has received a lot of interest in pop culture lately – from Jon Hamm to the #GreySweatpantChallenge – a lot of men are getting attention for their bulge.
Skinny jeans, whitey-tightie’s, and other tricks have some men showing off their bulges. Think of them as like a push-up bra for women.

How do I Create a Crotch Bulge?

As we mentioned above, your choice of pants and underwear are the best ways to show off your natural penis bulge. Men with smaller penises and transgender men use a strategy called “packing” to create the crotch bulge effect.

Some men or transgender men choose to create a penis bulge, either through socks or padding, a foam cup, or with a strap-on.

How Do I Hide a Penis Bulge?

Some men are self-conscious and want to hide or compress their bulge. Transgender women and drag queens also don’t want a crotch bulge. You can do this through boxers and baggy but structured paints, or more deliberately with a process called “tucking.” When tucking, you take everything in your hand and wrap it around your taint — making the penis flatten — and the balls go up inside your body. Tight underwear can secure everything.

Is There a Female Version of a Crotch Bulge?

A ‘Camel Toe’ is the female version of a bulge – when you can see a woman’s labia through her pants. While a crotch bulge may be desirable to men, an overwhelming majority of women do everything they can to avoid it.

What Can A Penis Bulge Do to A Person?

Being able to show off your bulge is a huge confidence booster. The tactics we mentioned so far only increases the perception of your bulge.

The best way to increase your bulge size is to increase your penis size. Penis Enlargement is the most promising method to increase the penile size and aesthetics with demonstrated results. Dr. Elist MD F.A.C.S. is a urologist and surgeon who has developed a solution to increase the penile size; both the appearance of length and the girth/width.
Whether you decide to enhance or hide your bulge, the penis is a part of a man’s anatomy and just another part of the body. Contact Dr.Elist for information about anything on your body.

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