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Penile Tumors | Penile Cancer | Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

November 12th, 2014

Penile Tumors | Penile Cancer | Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Penile Tumors

While relatively rare, penile tumors do occur. They are most commonly diagnosed in South and Latin America, along with Third World countries. Learn what causes penile tumors, how they are diagnosed and how they are treated.

Penile Anatomy ImageCauses of Penile Tumors

The cause of a penis tumor is penile cancer. This cancer is believed to be caused by secretions which are trapped in the penis foreskin, when it is not properly or consistently cleaned. The tumors are least common in places where circumcision is performed and in countries having high sanitary standards.

Diagnosis of Penile Cancer

When an ulcer, sore, irritation, discoloration or skin erosion appears on the penis, it should be seen by a physician immediately. Often these are treated with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications first. If they do not respond to this treatment, they are considered to most likely be malignant. At this point, a biopsy will be performed in which the tissue is removed and examined under a microscope. The physician will look for precancerous or cancerous conditions in the tissue.

Penile Cancer Treatment

22011396_mIf indeed cancerous conditions are detected, prompt treatment must be performed. Penile tumors are treated depending on the severity of the condition. If detected early, a topical cream if often used with minimal side effects. If the tumor is about pea-sized, the physician will use a type of surgery which shaves layers of abnormal tissue off until the normal tissue is exposed. This is known as a local excision.  Once performed, follow-up inspections are critical to ensure the problem does not return. The treatment generally does not impair the function of the penis and effectively treats penile tumors.
Even though this condition is relatively rare, it does occur and should be treated early. On average, doctors in the United States are said to see 2 to 3 cases of penile tumors throughout their career. However, even fungal and bacterial infections will not go away on their own, so physicians should be seen at the first sign of any abnormal appearance on the penis. The earlier the diagnosis, the easier the issue will be to fix.

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