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Penile Cancer: Penile Reconstruction Surgery

February 4th, 2020

Penile Cancer: Penile Reconstruction Surgery

One of the treatment options for penile cancer is the removal of tissue, as well as lesions. This can cause penile disfigurement, which can cause issues for an individual. Penile reconstruction surgery offers these patients an option to restore their penile function.  

Treatment of Penile Cancer 

Penile cancer can typically be diagnosed with a biopsy. A sample of the skin is removed and placed under a microscopic lens. Then, a doctor determines if the cells are cancerous. Other tests and biopsies may be conducted to further diagnose cancer. When found early, treatment has a high success rate. 

Skin Lesions may be present on the penis. Some lesions are small, while others are large. Although some may respond positively to creams, others will need to be removed. The skin of the lesion will be removed layer by layer. When surgery is performed in this way, it is called “Moh’s surgery”. When complete, the penis will appear how it was before the lesion appeared. However, if the lesions are larger, more tissue will need to be removed. This could lead to penis disfigurement as a result of the treatment process. 

If the cancer is detected early, the minimally-invasive surgery to remove a small lesion will not affect an individual’s sexual function. However, if the cancer is more severe or the lesions are larger, more skin will need to be taken. This treatment could result in a loss of sexual function or other issues, such as difficulty urinating. 

Penile Reconstruction Surgery

Penile disfigurement as a result of cancer treatment can be difficult to overcome. A reconstructed penis is the result of a procedure that actually rebuilds the penis. This helps restore sexual function for an individual and can help with urination issues that may have developed due to cancer treatment. A reconstructive penis procedure is referred to as phalloplasty and creates a urethra inside a neophallus. A penis head can also be sculpted. Your doctor should provide you with very detailed instructions prior to your reconstruction, and you should expect to limit your activity levels to help speed up your recovery. 

What are The Benefits?

There may be many reasons you are considering a reconstructed penis procedure. One of these reasons may be disfigurement due to penile cancer treatment. Seeking out this procedure can allow you to close that chapter of your life and begin again. You may be suffering from feelings of inadequacy or insecurities as a result of your treatment. Penile reconstruction can not only help restore function back into your penis but can also help restore your confidence in yourself. 
If you are considering penile reconstruction surgery, talk to a specialized professional that can help guide you during the decision-making process. Dr. Elist has over 40 years of experience in the field of urology and takes an individualized approach to each patient. A unique plan will be formulated just for you to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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