Obstructed Sling Causes and Sling Types

Obstructed Sling Info.
Obstructed Sling Causes and Sling Types

Obstructed Sling

Some people have issues with urinary incontinence (Best Treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence Page). Sometimes it’s only a temporary issue requiring only the use of medications to treat the urinary infection. Other times it’s a bit worse than that.  When it’s a permanent problem causing issues with urination, it can be treated by placing a sling around the urethra (Urethral Syndrome Page) to help control the pressure of the sling.  However, sometimes people can’t pee from the sling, and that causes an obstruction.  There is a way to treat an obstructed sling however, and the solution is below.

Two Types of Slings

The first step in resolving the an obstructed sling  is to consult the doctor.  The problem may be that the person is using the wrong sling. There are two types of slings, the first being a transobturator, which hugs a bit less snugly than the other.  The second sling is called the retropubic (Retropubic Wiki Page), which if this one is placed on incorrectly, it can cause an obstruction of the flow due to its tightness.