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What Do You Need To Know About Tadalafil?

October 25th, 2016

What Do You Need To Know About Tadalafil?

What Do You Need To Know About Tadalafil?

Cialis (Tadalafil) is a male performance enhancing drug. The mode of action of Cialis is same as that of Viagra i.e. selective inhibition of Phosphodiesterase inhibitor enzyme. It is particularly advised for the short-term management or treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Depending upon the personal factors and preferences, the dose and usage frequency may vary from person to person. Healthcare providers advise the users to take only one pill during the 24-hour time-span due to its prolonged half-life.

Besides ED, Tadalafil is also indicated for benign prostatic hyperplasia (HPB) treatment.

How To Take Cialis For Maximum Effect?

Tadalafil can be taken on daily basis or as per need (PRN) basis. The recommended initial dose of Tadalafil for daily use is 2.5 mg. However, depending upon the effectiveness and tolerance, the dose can be increased to up to 5 mg per dose. If Tadalafil is consumed on per need basis, the recommended dose can be increased to 10mg to 20mg. Some men can achieve maximum results with a much smaller dose (such as 5 mg) even on PRN.

Effectiveness Of Cialis

3 Unusual Foods To Improve Male Sexual Health imageThe therapeutic effects of Cialis usually last for a period of up to 36 hours which means that if you take it on a Friday night, it will remain effective until Sunday morning, hence named the “weekend pill”. As compared to other performance enhancement agents, Cialis is found to be very effective. However, effectiveness depends on an individual’s medical conditions and doses are adjusted according to the personal preferences.

Addiction/Misuse And Dependence

Due to long half-life and great effectiveness, Cialis serves as a life saver for many guys. Therefore, it is not surprising that many men become dependent or get addicted to this drug. “Popping one pill twice or thrice a week and no erection issues- it’s just that easy!”

This thought makes them stick to Cialis, as they become psychologically dependent and believe that without this wonderful drug they won’t be able to “rock and roll”!

Other cautions and concerns with Cialis use are:

  • Some men who don’t have ED issues are also found using Cialis for smoother sexual performance due to which it is becoming a recreational drug; according to a new survey.
  • Excessive use induces tolerance due to which after some time Cialis doesn’t remain as effective at the usual dose and gradual increase in dose can lead to abusive tendency.
  • In some cases, erectile dysfunction or sexual complaints are a result of an underlying systemic or health issue. Unfortunately, finding a solution to erectile dysfunction in the form of Cialis often diverts the attention of patient from other symptoms, which may consequently delay the diagnosis of systemic illness causing ED in the first place.


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