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Natural foods for Penile and erectile tissue

September 3rd, 2014

Natural foods for Penile and erectile tissue

Natural Foods for Penile and Erectile Tissue

It is no surprise that both men and women have an intricate and elaborate system of sexually arousable areas on their bodies. In men, the focal point is primarily located in the penis. In women, tissue responsible for sexual pleasure and arousal are a little more complex and can include the vaginal labia majora, labia minora and clitoris. However, there are certain natural foods long thought of as sexually exciting to both sexes. Also known as an aphrodisiac, the origins of many of these natural foods comes from Greek mythology, but some have been shown to have some medical evidence behind their claims.


Watermelon, however much delicious and nutritious, has been shown to have small amounts of Citrulline which can help with erectile tissue. Working similar to popular erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, watermelon’s citruline content can help increase blood flow to erectile tissues in both men and women.

Gingko Biloba imageGingko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has been long a popular home remedy herbal supplement. With its ability to increase blood circulation within the body, it’s effects on the human sexual organs have been long believed to be potent. For women, it is believe to increase vaginal arousal, pleasure and orgasm by increasing blood flow to the female sexually arousable  anatomy. For men, although it is not believed to increase libido, it does improve the quality of erection and help increase sexual stamina.

Chocolate & Berries

Other foods, although not medically proven to increase sexual arousal, have commonly been thought of as sensual and used as a psychological aphrodisiac. Chocolate, perhaps due to its sweet taste and smooth texture has long been considered a sexually charged food, as has whipped cream. Strawberries and cherries have also been thought of as a natural food with sexual connotations.
If you or your partner are looking for a natural way to boost your sexual prowess in the bedroom, then try some of these natural foods. It can be a fun, tasty way to help increase sexual desire, pleasure and fun in the bedroom.

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