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Missing Testicle, The Missing Ball

January 27th, 2014

Missing Testicle, The Missing Ball

Missing Testicle

Testicles have two main functions. The first is their role in the endocrine system, which involves hormonal production (primarily testosterone) and regulation. The second is their role in the reproductive system, primarily the production of sperm.
The testicles’ function is regulated by a hormonal cycle between the brain, the testicles, and the rest of the body’s hormonal levels; the so called “positive and negative feedback.”
In regular cases, two testicles are located in the scrotum outside of the body cavity. The scrotum’s external location provides a lower temperature compared to the normal body temperature and provides the ideal environment for testicular functioning.
Testicles are “born” small and grow in size during puberty and later adulthood before losing some volume in later age. The testicular size as well as the presence of the complete set of testicles may be affected during fetal development and before birth. Many factors, such as environmental influences and hormonal changes, as well as certain diseases and infections, may affect normal testicular development and size.

Anorchia or Missing Testicle

Testicle Enlargement Before After PhotoThe term “anorchia” refers to a condition in which a male individual is born without both testicles. Other names for anorchia may include congenital anorchia, vanishing testes syndrome, vanishing testes, empty scrotum, and testicular regression syndrome (TRS). Male individuals born with a missing testicle usually require prosthetic replacement surgery, hormonal substitution therapy, and psychological counseling, considering anorchia affects both physical and psychological aspects of an individual.
Undescended testis can also result in the lack of one or both testicles, which in this case have failed to descend from the body cavity/groin area into the scrotum. Undescended testes usually descend into the scrotum during the first months after birth; if the testicle fails to descend into the scrotum, a surgical replacement or removal is necessary in order to relocate or remove the testicle and prevent a transformation to testicular cancer.
Testicular and prostate cancers are other reasons for testicular removal, resulting in the absence of one or both testicles. In the case of certain prostate cancers, the iatrogenic castration therapy involves the removal of testicles in order to cut off hormonal nutrition to the cancer and stop its growth.

Missing Testicle Treatment

Regardless of the cause, a missing testicle or testes have proven to have detrimental effects on a male’s attitude, self-confidence, and sex life. A testicular prosthesis implant is a widely used surgical technique that not only provides a replacement for a missing testicle, but also restores confidence in an individual. Because a prosthetic implant is not an exact substitute for a normally functioning testicle, a hormonal evaluation and adjustment may be required after the testicular removal and implant.
Dr. Elist, at the Male Enhancement Centers in Beverly Hills, California, has years of experience restoring confidence and assurance in men. Through the use of his patented state-of-the-art testicular prosthesis, Dr. Elist provides the solution for those lacking a testicle. If you have had previous testicular replacement surgery, but are not satisfied with the current symmetry or size of your testicles, Dr. Elist will provide you with a unique solution using his patented “super soft” ProLibra testicular enhancement implants.
Thousands of men have taken the initiative to live a new life and have bestowed trust in Dr. Elist in helping them achieve that new life.

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