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Men’s Hygiene: Top 3 things Women Appreciate

September 17th, 2018

Men’s Hygiene: Top 3 things Women Appreciate

Men’s Hygiene: Top 3 things Women Appreciate

When it comes to hygiene, there are a few important things for men to remember. With a few basic guidelines, you can impress women, but also build confidence. Maintaining proper hygiene can be the first steps to cultivating and servicing a satisfying sex life.


Keeping your hair (especially pubic hair) groomed is important for women. Keeping your pubic hair neat and tidy sends a message that you are on top of your game. In addition, it proves you are listening to the needs of your partner. If your pubic region is swamped with grossly hair, the area can get smelly…(and that can be a major turn off for sex). Making sure you trim and wash your public area can make a world of a difference for your partner. For some women, grooming your back region is also appreciated.

Oral Health

Brushing your teeth and flossing daily not only decreases your risk of dental problems, but can also combat issues like yellow teeth and bad breath. Men who have bad breath are undesirable to kiss. Kissing can be one of the first interactions you have with your partner- so you better start it off right!

Skin Care

It becomes pretty obvious if a man does not take care of his skin. Blackheads can develop if one does not have a skincare routine in place. In addition, dry  skin or dandruff can create unattractive flakes on clothes. Without proper moisture, skin can become rough and be uncomfortable to interact with during intercourse.

Establish Your Routine

If you need helping improving your hygiene and want to establish a routine, having the help from a male sexual health expert can give you the assistance you may need. Dr. Elist has over 30 years of experience helping men take control of their life and gain the confidence they need in order to create and maintain a satisfying sex life.

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