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Masturbation Addiction

December 30th, 2014

Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation Addiction

In simple words, masturbation addiction is the compulsive desire or need to masturbate. Masturbation affects you in more ways than one – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Just like substance abuse, masturbation addiction also seems to give you a euphoric feeling of high from the release of chemicals into the brain during an orgasm. Though masturbation may not have too many negative physical effects, it can affect your psychological well-being and your sexual relationship with your partner. By practicing masturbation, the person tends to feel accomplished after having a short, intense sexual activity with a quick climax. In most cases, this may not be too satisfying sexual experience for a spouse.

Mental Illness and Sexuality imageMasturbation Side Effects

Poor work performance, loss of interest in life or daily activities that interested you once, and a disturbed family life are some effects of masturbation addiction. Depression is another common side effect of excessive masturbation. Many masturbation addicts tend to remain mentally distressed, solitary, and shy and experience problems with memory, focus, and concentration. Such a state drains motor neurons and neuro muscles of acetycholine, signaling that the brain is over drained of the chemical.
Too much masturbation may also have a few physical effects, such as loss of eyesight, hair, or weight and genitourinary and hepato-biliary problems. Masturbation addiction may negatively affect moral values, with frequent feelings of guilt impacting your entire life.
Excessive masturbation can cause imbalance of chemicals in the brain, resulting in memory loss, absentmindedness, eye floaters, and lack of concentration.

Sex Addiction Types ImageMasturbation Causes

Fear of intimacy, rejection and dejection, and lack of intimacy are some of the causes of masturbation addiction. For women, too much masturbation may result in vaginal dryness during penetration. You may like to use vibrators to desensitize precious female parts.
If social withdrawal is at the root of the problem, it can be a debilitating process, so it will surely help to take steps to get rid of the problem. Consult with a medical professional and talk about your condition if it seems to become too much of a problem and starts to affect you in more ways than one.
A qualified and experienced psychiatrist or sexologist can conduct a psychological and sexual health analysis to identify stress levels and provide counseling for stress, and prescribe medications and lifestyle adjustments.

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