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Male Circumcision – How It Affects Female Sexual Health?

September 8th, 2017

Male Circumcision – How It Affects Female Sexual Health?

Male Circumcision – How It Affects Female Sexual Health?

For many, male circumcision is more of a religious or cultural attribute. A lot of people are against any type of genital mutilation or circumcision. However, with advancements in science, it has been proved that circumcision in males (such as surgical removal of foreskin of penis) has beneficial effects on male health. In fact, circumcision also benefits female sexual health of women who engages in sexual relations with circumcised men.

Effect Of Male Circumcision On Female Sexual Health

As per a new research study, women who have circumcised partners are at lesser risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and are more likely to have pleasurable sex due to lower incidence of chronic and disabling pelvic infections.

Dr Ayesha Kharsany, of the Centre for the Aids Program of Research in South Africa explains that circumcision in men is associated lower spread of herpes simplex virus in all females.Circumcision and the Risk of Penile Cancer image

  • Several research studies and data analysis conducted in North African population (where HIV is highly prevalent), suggested that circumcision in males is associated with lower risk of HIV transmission in younger women.
  • Moreover, it also reduces the risk of contracting and spreading syphilis in older females.
  • According to DR. Kharsany, circumcised men have natural shield against infections which indirectly protects their partners form STDs.

What Is Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)?

Previous research studies indicate circumcision can prevent HIV and other STIs up to certain extent. Another study shows that partners of circumcised men tend to have more pleasurable sex and their sexual health is also improved. This advantageous finding has provoked many women for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). In addition, many women who had complained of urinary and vaginal infections before their partners getting circumcised have now reported a significant decrease in their symptoms after circumcision. Partners of circumcised men feel more protected against STDs. The hygienic factor is an addition to their satisfaction.

Thus, circumcision is a natural guard against STDs and is highly encouraged for better sexual health.


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