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Jiftip – What Should You Know About It?

September 5th, 2017

Jiftip – What Should You Know About It?

Jiftip – What Should You Know About It?

In this modern era, scientific inventions never fail to surprise us. One such shocking invention in the health industry is Jiftip, a product that shuts down the tip of urethra just before the ejaculation in order to prevent the contents from being expelled out. This new product has revived the topic of why we should consider safe and reliable form of contraception. While a lot of people are raving about how great this new technique is; there has been some concerns among health experts who doubt its safety and effectivity.

What Is Jiftip?

Jiftip is a trademarked product and its makers claims it to be an adhesive sticker made up of polyurethane that covers the urethra like an adhesive tape. The primary goal of this tape is to restrict the passage of urine and semen from the penis. These adhesive stickers are designed as a substitute to popular barrier contraceptive method such as condoms. Jiftip are believed to be more user friendly and less intrusive.

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This product binds to the skin, closing urethra temporarily. So far, users have given positive feedback. It is easy to use and economical, a pack of 3 in $6. According to the website, there is no expertise needed to put on Jiptip. Unlike issues with condom size, Jiptip comes in one size and does not need any sizing recommendations.

In addition, compared to condoms that reduces the sensation and affect the quality of sex; Jiptip does not interfere with sexualgratification and stimulation.

Cautions And Possible Side-Effects Associated With The Use Of Jiptip?

On one hand where the company talks about its advantages, the product website states that sealing penis is not an effective contraceptive technique! It is not a product of choice for people who are seeking protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The goal of a good barrier contraception is to minimize the spread of STIs or limit unwanted pregnancies; but Jiptip serve neither of these purposes. Here’s why:

  • In case of forceful ejaculation, the muscle spasm may lead to the removal of this adhesive tape and if this occurs when penis is inside the vagina, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is fairly high.
  • Adhesive tape covers just the tip of penis. In case of forceful ejaculation, the semen may leak from the sides.
  • Some men may experience moderate to severe pain if you stop the ejaculation of semen via tape.

Despite convenient use and pocket friendly price, it is not recommended by health experts. Healthcare professionals do not consider it safe as it does not yield protection against HIV and other STIs. Natika Halil, Chief Executive of Family Planning Association says this product has no proof of safety or efficacy. In fact, it seems to be very painful method.


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